Benefits Of Promotional Calendar Magnets

Calendar magnets are functional and decorative gift ideas for marketers who wish to make their New Year promotions interesting. Budget friendly and well retained, calendar magnets will put your brand on display on a 365 days display. Calendars are everywhere. People need it in their daily lives to plan their holidays, to keep a tab on their schedules and more. Every time they take a look at the calendars, your brand will grab their attention. Interestingly, custom magnets will double up as fridge décor items as well. Every time your recipients open their refrigerator doors – which happens many times a day, your logo will grab their attention. These attractive full color magnets often double up as handy hold-ups for your reminders and shopping lists as well.

3x4 Custom Mini School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Made of premium quality magnetic material these custom calendar magnets made in USA are well suited for mailer campaigns, tradeshows, mass business events and more. Light weight and compact, these logo items are easy to store and distribute as well. Customize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will put your brand on wide display for a whole year.

Why calendar magnets

Choose from a range of designs and color choices and see how these logo items will enhance your brand recall among your recipients. These logo items can be considered as corporate gifts as well. Personalize these with your brand name, artwork and message to turn it into an impressive billboard for your brand that will remind your recipients about your message.

Calendar magnets won’t disappoint you considering their tremendous visibility and popularity. Unlike traditional calendars, calendar magnets are more trendy and functional. They can be easily stuck to filing cabinets or fridge doors, they do not get trashed unlike paper calendars and will make great New Year mailer gifts.

Calendar magnets can be used as fund raising items as these low cost items can be easily sold at higher rates to raise funds for your social cause or non-profit organization. Everyone will surely love to buy these highly functional items that they can use for a whole year.

Calendar magnets are versatile

If you want to reach out to a diverse audience, there can’t be a better handout to consider like calendar magnets because irrespective of the age or gender factors, everyone needs calendars at home, office desks or even on the move! Customize it with your brand and message to add a personal touch to your custom gifts.

Countless models to consider

Calendar Magnets are available in a range of interesting patterns and designs that there is something special for everyone. From school calendar magnets, to save the date magnets, sports schedule magnets and more, you can easily choose a model that matches your theme and promotional budget.

Have you used custom calendar magnets in your promotions before? If yes, how was your experience? Share it with us at the comments section.

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