Calendar Magnets Make Excellent Fund Raising Items For Schools

Calendar magnets for schools not just keep the teachers and parents stay connected but will make great fund raising items as well because everyone will love to use these highly functional and attractive custom magnets. Fun, affordable and highly effective, calendar magnets are easy to customize with mascot, artwork and message.

3.5x4 Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

Why Calendar Magnets?

Magnets make instant connection with the audience while these logo magnets can be utilized to distribute calendars, schedules and events for the year for schools to make a high quality reference tool. Calendar magnets stick right on the fridge and will make a high visibility communication tool for your information. Customize it with the school motto, mascot or message to foster school spirit and pride.

School Calendar magnets also make great fund raising items thanks to its incredible popularity and low cost advantage that will let the schools to distribute it in mass scale to generate funds before the new academic year. Great fun and engagement at easy rates, these custom magnets will keep your brand right in the eye span of your audience. Light weight and compact, calendar magnets are easy to store and distribute and will last a long time. The best part is that these will enjoy an extended retention even after the year gets over as school souvenirs.

Here are some sound reasons that make personalized magnets great fund raisers.

Incredible popularity: There can’t be any refrigerator that does not sport attractively colored custom magnets on it. Everyone will love to add a bit of color and character with these magnets that will also double up as a convenient spot to place their kid’s artworks and pizza coupons! Calendar magnets will ensure 365 days of exposure without any repeat investment.

Assured ROI: Low in cost and high in popularity, custom magnets can be bought at a low price and sold for a higher price, which makes them highly effective fund raising items. When purchased in bulk, magnets will carry attractive discounts and deals.

Customization options: Magnets have a massive imprint area to house your message or artwork to make it a high visibility billboard. These attractive magnets will easily sell off during school spirit events, sports days and other occasions.

Easy fund generation: Custom magnets are hard to resist and your recipients will love to buy these crowd pleasers without any persuasion. So, if you are looking for an easy way to raise funds, look no further than school calendar magnets

Countless models: Calendar magnets are available in countless models that it is never too hard to find a magnet that suits your theme. Just imprint your logo and message on these popular handouts that will make your brand work on its own!

Calendar magnets will not just keep your school logo and name In front of your target audience but will set off word of mouth publicity and precious referrals from the proud parents. Have you used custom calendar magnets as fund raising tools for your school? If yes, share your thoughts at the comments section below.