Custom  Calendar Magnets-  Make  Brand Impressions All Year Round

Calendars have always been part of the change of months and change of year for all of us even in this digital age.  Calendar magnets enhance the experience, fun and anticipation of your prospects  as they walk through the entire year, events, holidays and other milestones.


Calendar magnets are a great way to put your brand and contact information in front of people for 365 days at a stretch! A budget friendly handout for year- end promotions and New Year events, calendar magnets are hugely popular for schools, doctors’ clinics, auto service centers etc to make it easy for their clients to follow the appointments and schedule without fail. Choose from a wide range of models and shapes, which will make it easy for you to hand pick a model that aligns with your theme.

Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

The full color vibrant imprint options can transform calendar magnets into eye catchy décor pieces in no time. The big plus- Magnets  earn a prestigious spot on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets and any other metallic surface. Apart from being a ready reference calendar, your clients will even find it useful as a handy spot to pinup their reminders or shopping lists.

Easy to distribute personally or as mailer items, these custom magnets give more value for your promotional dollars. Still on fence? Here are some solid reasons that make calendar magnets a crowd favorite.

 House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Highly Useful: Calendar magnets are everyday items that not many people can do away with! Everyone needs calendars to refer holidays and  events that span across the year  in a glance. Businesses can get their logo and message imprinted on these to stay in plain view of their audience.

Brand familiarity: It indeed takes a lot of impressions for brands to become familiar. Calendar magnets will let your brand seen every day, which in turn will enhance your brand familiarity while making the lives of your prospects easier. It is a win-win.  As your brand is associated with a positive emotion, your audience will easily drift towards your brand.

Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Highly visible: Calendar magnets may not be a unique item but as it reminds of the important events and timelines of the year, it becomes one of the most referred items at home or office. Calendar magnets fit well on any metallic space, adding a pop of colors to the spaces of your audience.

Easy to hand out: What’s more, calendar magnets can be distributed anywhere, anytime thanks to its light weight and compact design. Whether it as tradeshow swag, mailer items or more you can easily reach out to your community and your customers when you have custom handouts like calendar magnets

How do you plan to use custom calendar magnets in your promotions? Share your ideas