Custom Calendar Magnets- Maximize Your Brand Visibility with Minimum Effort

Calendar magnets make a great way to draw attention to your business and enhance your return on investment (ROI). Simple and useful products like custom magnets often fare well as freebies due to its low cost advantage and generous imprint area. The best part is that a personalized magnet will continue to make repeat impressions for a very long time since these are distributed without any further effort or investment.

Magnets are something everyone loves to stick on their refrigerators as these will add personality and specks of color to the bland surfaces. Imprint your logo , message or artwork on these calendar magnets and every time your recipients check out the holidays or the daily schedules, they will be reminded of your brand.

Calendar magnets are popular

Calendar magnets are popular giveaways for many companies as these are affordable and engaging. The best part is that calendar magnets appeal to everyone because everyone will find it useful in one way or the other. Calendar magnets will never fail to catch the eye of passersby after these have been put to use by the recipient. Full color imprints, funny slogans or head turning artwork are all smart ideas to make your magnets pop. Calendar magnets are one of the top sellers considering the fact that these ensure brand promotion for 365 days where people will refer to it, see your brand and talk about it for not just a few days or months but a whole year!

If you are looking for show stoppers, settle for quirky shaped calendar magnets rather than customary square or rectangle shaped calendar magnets. House shaped calendar magnets will make a good option as these will stand out on the fridge doors and will grab the eyeballs easily. Though these are well suited for promoting realtor services and architects mostly, these will make an adorable item to the marketing mix of all types of businesses.

Calendar magnets are versatile

Be it as save the date reminders, sports schedules or business cards, calendar magnets can fit into various roles with ease. You can even enhance the value of these custom magnets by imprinting emergency numbers, kitchen conversion unit or CPR techniques among others.

A calendar in your business cards: Peel and Stick Magnetic Calendar with Custom Covers will make a delightful refrigerator art, a functional yearly calendar and an effective business card that will remain right in front of the eyes for your recipients. Business Card with Calendar Magnets is another popular model to consider. Bringing together fashion and functionality, these logo items will never fail to impress your audience.

3.5x6.25 Custom Peel and Stick Magnetic Calendar with Custom Covers 3.5x4.25 Magnets

A calendar in save the date magnets: Put a calendar on your save the date magnets to enhance its usability. They look very appealing on fridges and makes guests keep them on the fridge many times a day, which means your wedding guests will never forget about your big day. By incorporating a calendar in magnet, you can give your guests something they can keep for the whole year besides using as a save the date for your wedding!

3x3 Custom Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil

Make sure to browse our collection before putting your heart on these custom magnets. Should you need any more tips or suggestions, we are only a call away!

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