How To Employ Custom 4 x 6 Magnets In Your Promotions

One of the most popular sizes in custom magnets, 4 x 6 magnets can be used in countless ways to get your message out. These magnets are well suited for both business and personal use as the perfect imprint space of these magnets can carry your brand, message or artwork in style. Customized 4×6 rectangle magnets are great for imprinting product or service announcements, baby announcements, match schedules, save the dates and more. Add to it the big plus that these magnets look great on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or infact any metallic surface due to its perfect size.

10.5x5.5 Custom Printed Magna-Peel Postcard with 3.5x4 Magnets

Here are some of the different methods to use 4 x 6 magnets in your promotions.

As calendars: Imprint a calendar on these magnets to enhance the retention and value of these custom items. By putting a yearly calendar on these magnets your recipients will have yet another good reason to keep the magnets throughout the year while your brand gets displayed all round the year.

Magnetic Postcards: If you wish to pack a retro charm to your promotions, look no further than these custom postcard magnets. Your recipients would surely love these custom items that get delivered in their mail boxes at the gate by the postman in an age of virtual email inboxes! Imprint your brand, quote or artwork on these magnets that will double up as admirable pieces of fridge art. Your recipients will surely find these magnets handy to hold up their little reminders , notes and kids artworks. These custom magnetic postcards can be used to promote all types of businesses especially hotels and resorts. When a customer picks up your mail and opens it, a tangible bond is created with your brand, which many other forms of marketing cannot ensure.

As Invitations: Planning a rebranding campaign or a product launch any time soon? If yes, these promotional 4 x 6 magnets will make a great choice. Personalize it with your invitation, artwork and brand to let them make their way straight to the fridge doors of your recipients. Anyone will fall in love with these delightful magnets and your message imprinted on these will grab the attention of everyone around. The best part is that these magnets will keep your brand right in front of your audience for a very long time even after the event.

Save-the-date magnets: 4 x6 magnets can be turned to interesting save the date magnets for weddings, anniversaries and birthday events. Customize it to ensure a personal touch and send these magnets out to friends and relatives to reserve a special date for an upcoming event. These magnets can also be used before the launch of their new store or product.

4 x6 magnets can also be used as awareness magnets , announcement magnets and church magnets among others. How do you plan to employ these versatile magnets part of your marketing mix? Share your thoughts at the comments section.