Custom Calendar Magnets – Promotional Gifts With An exceptionally Long Shelf Life

Custom calendar magnets are making headlines for their exceptionally long staying power. These cost effective promotional items will ensure your brand promotion 24 x 7 for a whole year. The best part is that marketers can imprint these magnets with valuable information that will turn these into an item of high value. A well designed calendar magnet will never fail to grab the attention of anyone who sees it, which means that referrals and repeat orders will increase when you use calendar magnets as custom items.

3x4 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Marketing items of good shelf life like custom magnets are retained for a very long time. Light weight and compact, calendar magnets are well suited for mailer campaigns and mass promotional events like tradeshows among others. Your recipients will see the brand imprinted on these calendar magnets everytime they open their fridge doors, which in turn will make your brand familiar to them.

Calendar magnets make repeat impressions- many times a day, which in turn will make your recipients remember your name. A successful advertisement is something that gets repeated at regular interval to make the audience remember the message. That is why TV ads and radio jingles get aired for months together. People will remember your message only when they see and read the message many times. So, if you have been thinking why the custom gift that you handed out once failed to bring back the leads, this is the answer. That is where repetitive promotions like those produced by custom calendar magnets or mailer campaigns succeed.

Small and medium businesses with a modest promotional budget will find these custom calendar magnets a great gift choice. The free set up and free shipping will all make a great way to get started.

Everyone uses their refrigerators on a daily basis and these calendar magnets will make a handy hold up for all their little reminders and notes. It will be a smart idea to dress up the bland refrigerator surfaces with some specks of color too. Magnetic calendars can be stuck to refrigerators and your message can be seen for an entire year to make an effective advertising campaign on a budget. These versatile handouts are well suited to promote sports leagues, businesses, awareness campaigns and events.

No matter what you wish to promote, these logo items will make sure that your message is well seen and remembered for a whole year and even beyond. Attractive and well customized refrigerator magnets will surely end up as collectibles on the fridge doors of your recipients that are retained for its color, message or beauty rather than just the yearly calendar over these. You can also think of some clever ways to enhance the value of these logo magnets. For instance adding kitchen conversion units or emergency numbers will all make great ideas to enhance the retention of these custom promotional items.

We have an exciting collection of calendar magnets that offer something special for everyone. Which custom magnets are you planning to employ during your forthcoming promotions? Join our conversation!