Custom Calendar Magnets- Put Your Brand On Wide Display For 365 Days And Beyond!

Calendar magnets make a popular freebie and a popular gift as it can be used at home, workplace and even on the move. Every time your customers check their holidays, schedules or events, your brand and message imprinted on these will grab their attention. Calendar magnets will literally put your brand in the eye span of your audience, which means that these logo items will continue to make consistent brand impressions for 365 days a year and even beyond.

6x8.75 Custom Save The Date Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar magnets are offered in a range of attractive shapes and sizes, which makes it easy for businesses to choose an item that matches their theme. These full color magnets will enhance the identity of the metal surfaces where these will be stuck and will draw the attention of anyone who pass by. Be it at homes, break rooms in office, restaurants or bars, calendar magnets that occupy the refrigerator doors will keep your brand and message in full view of the audience.

Popular models

If you are looking for popular calendar magnet models that hold a winning record, place your dime on 3.5×4 Custom Printed Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars Magnets that are of just the right size to hold your promotional message and ideal for the fridge doors alike. Every time your recipients open the fridge doors to grab food and drink, they will take note of your brand. It is these constant impressions that turn into brand loyalty in the days ahead.

House Shaped Calendar Magnets

These custom magnets will never fail to make heads turn because they remind us of homes, the symbol of safety and reassurance. Though it is most suitable to promote realtor services or home maintenance agencies etc, these adorable magnets will make a great addition to the marketing mix of any brands.

School calendar magnets make a must have item for students and teachers to stay organized and to keep tag of the events lined up for the school year. Your brand on these will enjoy a massive popularity among family audiences.

Unusual models

Large models like 9.75×5.62  Refrigerator Calendar Magnets will never fail to pique interest among anyone who sees it. Imprint your brand and message on these to turn it into a brand building vehicle that nobody can ignore. Your message will get a wide angle display on these massive magnets for sure.

Save The Date Calendar Magnets 20 Mil  will hand out a calendar for the year and make a reminder of your special day all at once. Your guests will truly remember the occasion for some really good reasons!

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