Imprinted  Calendar Magnets- New Year Promotional Staples That Are Hard To Resist!

 Calendar magnets make a smart hybrid that brings together the fun of magnets and utility of a calendar to produce a promotional item which has broad appeal and visibility. Magnetic calendars will make their way to refrigerator doors, filing cabinets and any other metallic surface. If you are looking for a budget friendly handout that will both grab and retain the attention of your clients for 365 days at a stretch look no further than calendar magnets.

Custom House Shape Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

High visibility fridge magnet calendars double up as a fridge décor item as well that will grab easy attention of everyone around.

How to use calendar magnets

Custom calendar magnets can be used as store promotional items, mailer campaign gifts, tradeshow swag and more. Get these custom gifts imprinted with your brand and message to make it brand unique and interesting. It will make a subtle way to engage your audience with your message without any marketing pitch.

Calendar magnets are commonly seen in kitchens and offices in most countries around the world including the US. So, you can imagine the combined strength that these combo items may have. Every time your recipients open their fridge door, they will see your message- it happens many times a day and your brand exposure will go up manifold.

7.37x8.75 Custom Real Estate Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

 Everyone needs calendars to check important holidays, events, days and dates. So, your recipients have a highly useful handout that is hard to resist. Studies show that useful gifts get a higher retention among the prospects than novelty items. So, why not handout something that your recipients will actually use in their daily lives and make your brand part of their routine?

Calendar magnets make display pieces with a purpose. These will be placed in visible locations get used regularly – and noticed often. These versatile handouts can be used appropriately to market any type of brand in any type of industry. Highly affordable, magnets can be used as individual handouts or as part of a larger promotional package.

Calendar magnets are available in eclectic models. Make use of the imprint space of the magnets to place your brand and message to grab easy attention.  These full color magnets also make great talking topics during family luncheons, tea breaks or when guests drop in. Afterall, who doesn’t like to get these cute magnets as freebies? Enjoy year long brand promotion at easy rates with custom magnets and make consistent impressions that will make your competitors a pale shadow!