Promotional Calendar Magnets- Get The Undivided Attention Of Your Audience At Low Investment

Everyone will find calendar magnets a well cherished New Year gift simply because we all depend on calendars even in this digital age to put some order to our busy schedules and activities. Calendar magnets can be customized with holidays, events, sports days and in fact any useful information that your recipients will find useful. Offered in a wide range of models and sizes, calendar magnets will ensure your brand a lot of face time from your audience and will sneak in your message right into the homes and hearts of your customers.

5.25x8 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magnetic calendars are versatile and highly practical gifts that can be used to promote all types of brands and services right from realtor agencies to attorneys and fashion brands to pizzerias and schools. Infact every business can relate easily to calendars as it will make a great way to list out their yearly events, product launches and other activities. A handy calendar on the fridge doors or filing cabinets will make a smart way for your audience to plan their days and schedules. Every time they take a look at the calendars, they will be acquainted with your brand as well.

Calendar magnets can be used in a lot of interesting ways. Here are some suggestions.

As marketing tools

Custom calendar magnets can be used as marketing tools to promote brands and businesses. These versatile and highly functional items will be retained for a whole year, which makes it a high visibility billboard for your brand. These attractive calendar magnets that are customized with your brand, message or artwork will make a great fridge décor item that nobody can resist. Every time, your recipients check out their schedules or events, they will be reminded of your brand and message, which further enhances your brand popularity. The best part is that calendar magnets occupy strategic spots at homes and offices, thereby grabbing easy attention from everyone around.

As fund raising items

Calendar magnets make great fund raising items for non profits, community events and booster clubs among others. Businesses can benefit from top-of-mind awareness that these custom magnets can generate. Low in cost yet high in utility, calendar magnets can be sold off at a higher rate, thereby generating funds for the activities.

As mailer gifts

The best way to usher in the New Year is  by sending holiday greetings and small mailer gifts to your audience  without breaking your budget. Custom calendar magnets will make great mailer items and gifts to get your message across and put your brand right in front of audience for 365 days.

Offered in various models like refrigerator magnets, car magnets school calendar magnets, announcement calendar magnets and more, custom calendar magnets offer a lot of marketing possibilities. How do you plan to exploit these simple yet popular handouts that are too good to overlook? Share with us at our facebook page.