The Insider’s Guide To Custom Sports Schedule Magnets

Let’s be brutally honest! Sports fans are the most devoted and loyal crowd out there. Everyone will have a team to support and a team to hate in all sporting events like football, basketball, baseball or hockey. For marketers, sports season makes a perfect opportunity to reach out to the sports loving community and get their message out. Get the sports schedule magnets imprinted with your favorite teams, mascot and schedules and send it out in mailers or leave at local hobnobbing spots.

Football Schedule Magnets : The thrilling game of football takes credit to drawing the most loyal fans to the game fields. Approximately 111 million Americans watch professional football; so you can imagine the exposure your brand will get on these football schedule magnets. Popular as promotional items and personal gifts, sports schedule magnets is something that your customer will truly value. These custom schedule magnets can also be used to sponsor your local high school team to target families of your community.

Soccer schedule magnets: Put your brand on a wide display all through the soccer season and enjoy 7 months of brand exposure on a minimum investment. These custom sports schedule magnets will never fail to impress your clients as they can easily keep track of the game schedule and make sure that they never miss the spills and thrills of their favorite game. These full color soccer schedule magnets will kick up your marketing efforts with ease. These magnets on the fridge doors will grab easy attention not just during the soccer season but even beyond the game as sports souvenirs.

3.5x9 Custom Soccer Schedules Magna Card House Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Baseball Schedule Magnets: These popular custom magnets will tag your brand with the schedules of the major leagues. Featuring attractive designs, baseball schedule magnets will make great talking topics among everyone and your message will reach well beyond your target audience.

Golf Schedules

A game of golf is not just a ball game but a great alibi for businesses to share camaraderie and pleasantries with their clients. Golf schedule magnets make a high visibility promotional item because golf season runs January through November, which means your brand on these schedule magnets will be promoted 11 months of the year! Light weight and compact, these schedules can be mailed or left in local sports shops to generate new leads. No matter how you wish to distribute, these custom magnets will make a highly popular hand out to the loyal golf fans that will ensure year long exposure for your brand.

Basketball schedules:  Turn both the baseball pros and amateurs into your loyal clients with these magnetic Basketball Schedules and get your brand stand out on the refrigerator doors. Customize it with your tagline and message to engage your audience with your business in a light hearted manner.

4x7 Custom Printed Baseball Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Sports schedule magnets are a fun way to get your message across without being intrusive. Put your promotional dime on these popular handouts and kick up your brand popularity. If you too are a fan of sports schedule magnets do share your thoughts on the best way to employ these in marketing campaigns.