Promotional Calendar Magnets- Handouts That Your Recipients will Get Attracted To!

Though the world is becoming digital, people still prefer a few items from the analogue world if the popularity of custom calendar magnets is any indication. Though there are handy calendars and planners that come to life at the press of a button on their smart watches or mobile phones, people still love to have these full color calendar magnets right in front of them to give shape to their plans and schedules.

4x7 Custom Printed Restaurant Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Budget friendly and incredibly popular, custom calendar magnets make great corporate gifts, holiday gift bag items and more. Now that the New Year is only a few weeks away, you have just enough time to make it by placing orders right away. Customers will usually hold on to a promotional calendar for at least 12 months, putting your brand in front of the audience for the next 365 days.

Schedule on the go

Unlike paper calendars, calendar magnets are easy to carry around and they provide a schedule at a glance.  Every time your recipients take a look at these calendars they will be reminded of your brand and message. These full color calendar magnets will make a delightful fridge décor item that will enhance the appeal and identity of the fridge doors. The best part is that these custom magnets will grab the eyeballs of not just your recipients but anyone who sees it.

Value added gifts

To bring your audience back to these custom calendar magnets often you can add valuable tips like emergency numbers or CPR tips that they will find useful. There are also calendar magnets with notepad and other handy models that offer ample room for planning to your customers.

Creativity at its best!

Magnets can be customized with artwork, interesting taglines or mascots that will not just grab easy attention of the users but also make them happy and relaxed. Pet care centers can imprint the images of kittens and pups that will easily warm the hearts of your pet loving customers and will inspire them to refer your facility to others. Calendar magnets can be imprinted with different images to complement the business line and to turn them into the best brand ambassadors.

Calendar magnets are for everyone

Though calendar magnets make an appropriate handout for businesses that have appointment schedules with their customers like for instance spa or dental clinics, calendar magnets can be used as popular advertising tool for all types of businesses and brands. Calendar magnets are loads of fun and laughter as these can be customized to make it as light hearted as you wish.

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