What Makes Imprinted Refrigerator Magnets Powerful Marketing Tools

Refrigerator magnets can be customized with your brand and message to turn them into high pitch marketing tools. If you have not thought about making fridge magnets ingredients of your marketing mix, you could be missing a great opportunity to boost sales and make repeat business.

Here are some great advantages of custom refrigerator magnets that you probably might not have taken note of

  1. Highly useful

Refrigerator magnets not just bring in a stroke of color and beauty to the plain fridge doors but make a useful hold- up for attaching shopping lists, reminders and kids’ artwork to refrigerators. Every home will have one or more refrigerators and giving fridge magnet thus make a smart way to get your company’s name into thousands of households at the same time. Add to it the big plus that custom refrigerator magnets cost only a fraction of the cost of traditional advertisements like billboards or flyers and they go on to make consistent impression without any repeat effort.

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You can enhance the value of fridge magnets by including relevant information like local emergency numbers, sports schedules, first aid tips and more. By making them value added gifts you can enhance the engagement of your brand with your audience.

  1. Fridge magnets enjoy high retention

Unlike most traditional marketing items like postcards or flyers that get discarded easily, fridge magnets earn a lot of facetime of your audience. These attractive full color magnets remain on the high visibility spots of fridge doors for a very long time racking up countless views – that too at one-time investment. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which make them ideal promotional gifts for mass events and budget promotions.

  1. Reinforces your brand through repetition

Every time your recipients go to the fridge to grab food and drink, they will see these attractive fridge magnets that carry your brand, which in turn will enhance your brand popularity. Your message will come to the minds of your audience every time they need your products or services.

  1. Fridge Magnets Ensure Targeted Marketing

When you use custom fridge magnets as promotional items, you can be sure that you are reaching your target audience with clock-work precision. Any marketing approach works on a trial and error basis where the marketers may have to waste their precious dollars and end up in the wrong audience. Put your custom magnets into the right audience through well-targeted mailing lists or direct-customer handouts and ensure the best results. For instance, gardening and landscaping services can source a mailing list of new home owners and send out magnets to announce special discounts or offers. When the home owners need gardening services, they will be inspired to call you because they will be familiar with your brand by then.

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