Imprinted Magnetic Calendars- Promotional Items That Work 365 Days!

Business promotion is not all about grabbing the attention of the audience but retaining it for sufficiently long. You need practical and high utility gifts like calendar magnets to grab the attention of your audience 24 x 7 and put your brand in front of them. In this modern world, most people have a short attention span as they juggle a hundred odd tasks every day and remain distracted with a lot of pressing assignments!  This is where custom calendar magnets make a great promotional item by keeping your brand left, right and center all day for a whole year. Not many custom gifts can match the amazing popularity of promotional magnets in enhancing your brand recall.

2.91x4.94 Custom Magnetic Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Why calendar magnets

Everyone needs calendars to stay organized and plan their year ahead. Most people cannot even survive without having a ready reference calendar in front of them even in this digital age of organizers and smart watches. With imprinted calendar magnets you can be sure that your brand will be seen every day, while being useful to your recipients.

Calendar magnets are easy to print with your brand, artwork or message to make it a great handout for mailer campaigns, holiday store promotions or tradeshows. Everyone will love to get a custom calendar magnet for their home or office as these make a ready reference item that will make their lives simple and easy. Your brand and message on these will get a few eyeballs as nobody can resist these full color magnets that pop out from any metallic surface.

A trendy calendar magnet will make a great conversation topic and even change hands often, which means your message will get a wider secondary audience.

Here are some great tips:

  • Leave a pile of calendar magnets at the billing counters for your customers to take home.
  • Send magnetic calendars to your existing customers as thank you gifts and holiday season handouts.
  • Distribute these light weight and attractive custom magnets at local festivals, community fairs, and business expos and put your brand on a portability arc that is hard to miss!

Calendar magnets work hard 24 x 7 to promote your brand all through the year. When you are on a budget and you need a fail proof and effective marketing tool, look no further than custom calendar magnets that ensure great results. Hugely practical, long lasting and budget friendly, calendar magnets will literally sneak in your brand into your customers spaces before New Year sets in.


  • Calendar magnets ensure brand recognition that lasts an entire year!
  • Magnetic calendars encourage repeat business
  • These custom magnets set off word of mouth publicity

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