Make Your Brand Reach More Local Customers with Custom Car Magnets

When the static billboards fail to cut through the marketing clutter and the brochures and flyers get discarded faster than you might have wished, you need a promotional strategy that will take your brand and message right into the target audience.

2.625x3.625 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Wish to reach more local customers?

Custom outdoor magnets make a great way for start up businesses and budget promoters to reach a large crowd of local patrons! Car magnets make a sure fire and budget friendly way to stay connected with your local prospects and spread your message effectively. Make sure to personalize these magnets with your brand and message to make it interesting and draw the attention of the audience.

Here are some handy tips that will help you to make the most of the promotional capabilities of custom car magnets.

Choose the right size: Choosing a magnet that is too small or big for the available space can spoil the whole purpose and reduce its promotional impact. Get the dimensions right to ensure a correct fitting on the auto bumpers because a magnet that does not fit correctly may fly off as the vehicles speeds off.

Shapes are important:  Car magnets need not be rectangular always. Choose something different like rounded corner magnets or die-cut magnets that can be cut into the shape of your brand that will draw the attention of everyone on the road. A quirky shape, brilliant colors or a funny tagline will all go a long way in arresting the attention of your prospects.

Customize it! Make sure to make these custom magnets an extension of your brand identity by using the same signature fonts, color and artwork as in your website or business cards. It is important to keep a consistent brand design to make it easily recognizable for your audience.

Make the message interesting: It is not the external appearance that always counts. How they read is as important. Make sure to convey your unique selling points, call to action message and any other interesting message that your audience will find interesting. The more precise your message the more powerful it will be.

Make the message readable: Make sure that the size of the letters is large enough for everyone to read including motorists who speed past. You can use an online letter sizing tool to get the right letter size. Be clear and concise so that the audience is not left guessing!

Strike the right color contrast: Contrasting colors will pop out on your magnets, making it easy for the audience to read and comprehend the matter easily. If you are using a dark colored background, make sure to use lighter letters to increase readability!

Car magnets are effective and affordable way to reach the local customers and to build your goodwill! When used strategically, these logo items can enhance your online visibility and store footfalls. Choose from a range of attractive custom magnets and draw the attention of your local customers, which is worth your effort.