Ring In The New Year In Style With Custom Calendar Magnets

Calendar Magnets are universally popular as New Year gifts simply because everyone needs a handy calendar every time the year changes. These delightful and functional custom gifts will not damage the surface it adheres to and can easily be changed places. We have calendar magnets in various themes and models like house shaped , tea cup shaped, school calendar magnets and a lot more. By putting your brand on a functional yearly calendar, you are assured of promotions 24 x 7. Everytime your recipients check their schedules and plans, their affinity towards your brand will go up.


Here are some of the benefits of calendar magnets , which we will never get tired of telling.

Budget friendly : When you need to handout gifts for everyone in your gift list for New Year, without compromising on the quality or popularity, you can place your bets on custom calendar magnets. Light weight and compact, these won’t add up to your postage charges too even if you decide to use it as mailer gifts. Be it as tradeshow hands outs, loyalty gifts or holiday season freebies, custom calendar magnets will never fail to impress your audience.4.5x5 Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Versatility : Calendar magnets are highly versatile that it can be used to promote all businesses without being out of place. Be it pizzerias, realtor agencies, restaurants or event planners, calendar magnets can be branded to enhance your promotions and popularity. These magnets that gaze down from the fridge doors will allow the shoppers to easily get access to your contact numbers and to get back to you whenever they need your products the next time.

Easy customization : The generous imprint area and the full color imprint options will all make it fun and easy to customize these magnets. Put your brand, artwork, message, call to action or more on these to turn these ubiquitous items into happening billboards.

Popularity : There can’t be a single household in America that does not have a custom magnet on their refrigerator, which sums up its popularity in buying a high level exposure for your brand. Every time your recipients open their fridge they will take note of your brand and their guests at the dining room will be equally impressed about these attractive custom magnets that double up as fridge décor items.

Choices galore : Custom magnets are available in a range of shapes and sizes; so it is never too hard to find a model that you might have had your heart on.

We offer custom magnets that will surely make your brand stand out and be seen – Get started by browsing through our fabulous collection of magnets to take your branding into the next level.