Custom Car Magnets- Take your brand right into the audience

A branded car magnet can be a helpful marketing tool to get your message out into a massive crowd at ridiculously low rates. Every time your recipients drive around with these custom car magnets stuck on their cars, they will put your brand on a high speed projectile. Nobody can resist the temptation of taking a closer look at these attractively colored, quirky magnets that add blobs of color and personality to the car bumpers. These are great for all types of businesses like landscapers, moving and shifting companies and more. Start-up companies that wish to leave an impression in their locality and create a brand exposure will find these personalized magnets perfect gift items.

24x12 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Here are some smart tips to purchase perfect Custom Car Magnets

  1. Simplicity is the key! Keep the information that you wish to imprint on the car magnets concise and simple. Basic information like your company name, phone number, website and the main products or services will offer enough information for someone driving by to read on magnet signs. Even if the other motorists will only get just enough time to grab a piece of your information, they can search further about your business online anytime.
  2. Full Color imprint: Your potential customers will have just a few seconds to read the information and high quality imprint options will make it easy for them to read and comprehend. Full color magnets are show stoppers in their own right and will naturally attract a lot of glances. Plain or boring car magnets might not have many takers.
  3. Choose appropriate file size! The type and size of the file that you choose should be suitable for the car magnets. Low resolution images and texts will look weird and distorted when enlarged to place on car magnets. An easy way to see whether the image that you have in hand is suitable for the car magnet will be to zoom it to 200-600% and if it is looking perfect then it will look good on the magnets as well.
  4. Choose smaller magnets that fit modern car bumpers: Most cars on the road today have only a very few metal components and areas where these magnetic car magnets can be used. So, make sure not to choose large car magnets that may jut out of the car bumpers.

Why confine your brand exposure to a stationary billboard perched in an obscure corner of the road when you can very well take your message right into the audience with these car magnets? Available in various models and shapes, we have the perfect product that you have been looking for. Browse along and you are sure to find it easily. Should you need any tips, all you need is give us a call.