The Biggest Advantages To Using Calendar Magnets for branding – Must read

Calendar magnets are a great way to leave your company details right and center of your customers. These logo items will not just make your brand seen every day but double up as a useful product. Provide your customers with a useful tool while giving them a daily reminder of your business. It is interesting to note that even in this digital age, people still prefer to use analog calendars like magnetic calendars as it remains right in front of everyone who needs a calendar and help them to effectively plan their schedules.

Calendar magnets not just make a useful handout to your customers but double up as a brand building tool. People often glance at these full color calendar magnets several times a day and imagine the extent of familiarity that your recipients will develop with your brand  in the long run thereby stretching your marketing budget throughout the year.

5.25x8 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Custom calendar magnets make great holiday gifts

Custom calendar magnets make great holiday gifts and Pre New Year gifts that everyone will find useful. These can be distributed door-to-door, dropped off at  store counters, hand out at tradeshows or use it as fund raising items for non profits. These versatile and gender neutral custom hand outs will carry messages of goodwill to the community and put your business front and center in people’s minds. Customize these with your message, artwork to make it an attractive fridge décor item that your customers will love to flaunt.

Store promotional items

Shaped magnets will enable marketers to come up with an advertisement product that complements their business line. For instance a house shaped calendar magnet will make the best handout for any realtor agency or a calendar imprinted with pets will make a great way to   spread the word for veterinarians.

Tradeshow swag

Calendar magnets can be used to promote all types of events and reach out to every genre of audience thanks to its high utility and functional value. If you have a diverse audience with different tastes and you are not sure about the best gift items, then look no further than these custom magnets  because nobody can resist these.

Open houses

For realtors that plan to celebrate the traditions of the holiday with a candy or pumpkin themed event or open houses can place their bets on calendar magnets. Personalize these with the fall season motifs and festive icons to give it a seasonal touch. Include your artwork, brand or contact information to make it a high visibility billboard that will draw a lot of eyeballs throughout the year. The best part is that these may end up as holiday souvenirs.

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