How to Make Business Card Magnets That Stand Out

Business card magnets ensure a formal introduction of your brand and make a lasting reference for your clients and customers. However, you may need business cards that stand out to make an impression in massive events like trade shows and business events that draw large crowds. Customize your business with unique designs and artwork to grab easy attention of your recipients.

2x3.5 Promotional Business Card Round Corner Magnets 25 Mil

Choose from a range of business card magnets including those with postcards or door hangers among others. These full color magnets will earn the prime real estate of fridge doors or filing cabinets and continue to make consistent brand impressions without any repeat effort. These magnets will add a pop of color to the fridge doors and make heads turn. An interesting business card magnet will make an engaging talking topic among your audience as well, which in turn will take your message to a wider secondary audience.

While old fashioned paper business cards get misplaced or damaged easily, custom business card magnets enjoy a high retention. Often customers lose contact with their favorite stores or businesses when they fail to find your business cards and contact details. Make sure to keep your message right in front of their eyespan for a long time to drive more footfalls to your shop.  These vibrant magnets make colors pop to create a fabulous visual effect that makes them stand out. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

If you wish to make your contact details portable, business card car magnets will make a great choice. These are especially well suited for businesses like packers and movers, landscaping services, door delivery services and more because these business cards will double pull as portable billboards for their business and reach out to a large audience. Every time your prospects see these brilliantly colored magnets on the vehicles on roads, traffic signals, crowded streets and shop fronts, your contact info will reach the hands of a wider audience. It is one of the most effective methods to spread the word for free. Every time you drive around with these magnets slapped on the vehicles, your brand will get the attention of a fresh set of audience.

Business card magnets are cost effective options to highlight your corporate identity and not many people can overlook your message on these.  The best part is business card magnets are available in various themes for different business lines including beauty salon business cards or lawyers’ business cards among others.

Need ready-to-print business card magnets that stand out? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your budget and promo theme.