Top Tips To Make Your Custom Calendar Magnets Popular

Every year offers a new opportunity to boost your branding with magnetic calendars. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these full color magnets ensure great promotional value by keeping your name in front of your clients for a whole year.

Real Estate Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Any business niche can utilize custom calendar magnets to get across their message. From realtors to insurance companies, schools, sports clubs, medical centers and more, any business can get their name and contact information in plain view of your audience through custom calendar magnets.

Calendar magnets stay on the fridge doors of your recipients to make a constant reference. Here are some smart tips to make your custom calendar magnets the best and the most popular in town.

Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Celebrate colors: High quality calendar magnets that are made in USA can be printed in full color, to make your  business  stand out easily.

Bigger the better: The calendar magnets that you choose should be big enough to let your recipients read the dates from a normal distance.

Keep it simple. Don’t try to stuff too much information into a small space. Just get your essential details like name, logo or contact details imprinted on it to make it a handy reference item for your recipients.

Refrigerator Magnetic Calendars Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

 Add more value: You can enhance the value and utility of these handouts by getting other useful information like the local event calendar, emergency numbers, or kitchen conversion units imprinted on these. It will bring your recipients back to the magnets more often and make consistent impressions and leads.

Be lavish on distribution: Make sure to distribute your calendar magnets to as many potential clients as possible to spread the word. It makes a value added investment that will make your business popular and brand visible.

 Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Make it unique:  Calendar magnets offer ample customization options. So, put on your creative caps to come up with something spectacular to make these logo magnets stand out. Whether it is taglines, artwork or fun quotes, think of customization tips that will give your calendars that   extra visual appeal.

Choose from a wide range of interesting shapes and sizes in calendar magnets to stand out  on the fridge doors of your recipients. For instance, can there be a better way to promote your realtor service for 365 days than these house shaped calendar magnets. Easily recognized with your business theme, your recipients will instantly relate your business with these giveaways.

Custom House Shape Magnets 20 Mil

 For Mass Promotions: Mass events like trade shows, mailer campaigns and business events are the best way to reach a wider audience and drive your advertising dollar further. Light weight and compact, calendar magnets are easy to distribute and store, which makes it a great bet for mailer campaigns and door to door campaigns as well.

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