Custom Clip Magnets- Get High Brand Visibility at Easy Rates

Custom clip magnets are handy for keeping the odd piece of paper, kids artwork or family snaps on the fridge doors or any metallic surface. A smart hybrid that brings together the best of both the worlds of a standard clip and strong magnet, these logo items will not just keep your logo and message on wide display but  will make lives easier by helping your recipients to stay organized.

Alligator Magnetic Clips

Clip-magnets can hold things that are many times its own weight. These high utility handouts will be appreciated for a long time to come while your brand gets their undivided attention and consistent impressions without any repeat effort or investment. offered in a wide range of interesting shapes, these custom magnets can be imprinted with your logo, mascot or message to get your name right in front of your customers in a fun way!


 Useful , versatile and reliable, magnet clips will earn a permanent spot on the fridge doors of your recipients.   These make ideal household marketing tool for all types of  businesses that people turn to in emergency, situations. For instance, Doctors, dentists, plumbers, electricians and many more can keep their logo and contact details right in front of their target audience without being overwhelming.

Choose from a wide range of models and price rates that will match your needs and budget. These are  handouts that your recipients are most likely to find useful and valuable.

House Shaped Clip Magnets

Long lasting

Magnetic clips offer lasting marketing as your message will stay in their plain sight for a long time. While billboards that anyone may see on the streets or online ads or TV advertisements are forgotten about almost immediately, high utility handouts like custom clips will leave  a lasting impression among your audience. Your logo and brand message imprinted on these won’t be easy to forget as it will remain in front of their eyes forever.

Custom Circle Power Magnetic Clips

Easy to customize

Promotional giveaways like magnetic clips will allow you to customize these logo items to make it more interesting and engaging for your clients. Whether you add logo, message , artwork, brain teasers or jokes, magnetic clips will demand easy attention. It easily becomes a win-win situation when you give your attendees merchandise that they find useful.

Power Magnetic Clips Pearl


Contrary to what large scale advertising does, custom magnets are easy on your budget, which makes it a proven marketing tool for small businesses since they can attain almost 100% conversion.  Ordering in bulk quantity will get you the best deals as well.

Power Ribbon Shaped Magnetic Clips

Custom magnetic clips remain a popular choice as nobody can resist these highly practical items that will make their daily lives easier by keeping their papers and reminders well organized and easily accessible.

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