What makes Promotional calendar magnets great for long term logo promotion?

No matter whether you are trying to find promotional gifts for your clients or employees, it will be a tough task to settle for one item that will please everybody. If you want a 360 degree visibility for your brand you have to ensure that the promotional gifts that you hand out don’t end up in trash.

Gifts like smart phones or tablets might be good options to keep the customers hooked to your brand but these are not for everyone. If you are on a budget, there might be no better gift than calendar magnets. You can choose from a wide range of options, styles and sizes and the personalization options will give it an adorable personal touch that will please even the most discerning customers. Customers who put them on the fridge doors see your logo whenever they glance at it and will ensure a high repeat impressions and ROI.

Not just another calendar

A little creativity can turn even an ordinary looking calendar magnet into a customizable piece of art that your clients will retain as souvenirs. Surveys have shown that calendars customized with vintage art or landscapes enjoy massive appeal and make delightful ways to promote your company unassumingly. From iconic attractions to the best natural vistas across the U.S, magnetic calendars can be designed to present a new, beautiful scene to look at every month along with your subtle brand logo. 5.25×3.75 Custom Magnetic Fridge Calendar Magnets 20 Mil is a good option to consider in this category.

5.25x3.75 Magnetic Fridge Calendar 20 mil

A gift that is always appreciated

Not all calendars are just eye catching trinkets that deck up your fridge or filing cabinets. These make functional accessories for your more business-like clients to keep their schedules in order or the busy parents who find it hard to juggle their school duties and other activities. 3.5×6 Customized School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners is a helpful organizer that can be customized with your company’s logo that will help the parents to keep track of the rather hectic schedules of their wards. These printed magnets will not just project your business message but will also make a handy organizer that ensures a long-term planning to your customers.

3.5x6 Custom Round Corner Full Color School Calendar Magnet 20 mil


Calendar magnets are well suited for year-long promotions of all types of business lines and can be employed in many ways like the following.

  • Direct selling
    For important clients, you can hand out magnetic calendars and business card magnets along with chocolate Gift Boxes during festive seasons, which will help you to showcase your brand in a stylish way. This personalized gift box will be a thoughtful token of appreciation and to say “Thank You” to your loyal customers.
  • Realtor agencies
    Real estate agents can also make use of promotional magnet calendars where they can list out their ongoing projects or new property. Whenever your recipients see these magnets on their fridge doors, these will inspire them to fulfill their dream of owning a home. The best thing is that it is easy for your customers to close the deal always as your contact information remains right in front of them.

If you are looking for a personalized and functional promotional gift that your customers will never overlook, keep your bets on calendar magnets. Calendar magnets are easy to distribute, are highly popular and above all will never stop working for your brand promo!