Why Custom Calendar Magnets Matters In Your Marketing Mix

Calendars are omnipresent; these are present everywhere and everyone needs it all the time to keep track of the date and day and  schedule events and  put some sense and order to their busy timetables. Custom calendar magnets are retained for a whole year and your message imprinted on these magnets will thus enjoy 365 days of publicity.

Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Offered in a wide range of models like tear away calendar magnets, house shaped magnets and a lot more, it offers incredible choices at easy rates. Customize these with your brand and message with contact information to make it a high visibility display board for your business. Nobody can overlook these full color magnets that remain in full glare on fridge doors, filing cabinets or even oven or washing machines!

Designed to last long and look great, these factory direct magnets make a perfect canvas for you to place your message, artwork or fun quotes that will engage your audience with your brand in a subtle way. Light weight and compact, calendar magnets make great mailer items as well along with end of the year newsletters and greeting mails.

Highly trendy and useful, these promotional magnetic calendars are sure to be kept and used for the whole year and even beyond  as in the case of sports schedule calendar magnets, which double up as souvenirs .

Choose from a wide range of shapes and models that will surely appease your target audience and draw them closer to your message. Invest in items like calendar magnets that your client will use instead of tucking away in a drawer. It has the double benefit of keeping your brand visible and offering a useful handout for your audience as well.

Here are some of the popular models that can be considered

House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil:  the well acclaimed shape of a house will make these magnetic calendars truly special. These will  make a prime real estate for your message on the fridge doors of your recipients to enjoy 365 days of promotion at one time investment – These are perfect  giveaways for realtor services, house insurance, banks, construction companies and more.  Get your logo, message and artwork imprinted on these to make it special.

House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: Probably schools will find calendar magnets as promo items more useful than any other niche as it makes a convenient way  for the students and teachers to keep track of the events in the school year, holidays, sports week and other activities. School calendar magnets engage the parents and the schooling community for a whole year, making valuable impressions in the process.

Elementary School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Need more? Browse our complete line of calendar magnets and choose a model that matches your needs.

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