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9.5X5 Magnets Allow You to Set a Solid Marketing Foundation with Zero Efforts

9.5x5 Round Corner Custom Full Color Magnets

A solid marketing strategy is a key to successful business. Even the big companies understand it. They know that if they lay back and let things proceed at its pace, their sales will suffer. Also, they will have to work doubly hard to grab their market position. Being a marketer, you have to work hard […]

Employing 9.5X3 Magnets for Long Term Impression Building is Perfectly Fine, Know Why

9.5x3 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Magnet advertising is becoming one of the most favored alternative marketing strategies apart from print, internet, and digital media advertising. Marketers know that people would happily accept them and retain them for a long time. Promotional 9. 5 x3 magnets are one of the most preferred promotional items because marketers can rely on them for […]

About Employing 8X7.5 Magnets for Out of Box Marketing Strategies

8x7.5 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

You might have heard the term Out of Box several times during all these years and understood that it means you have to be exceptional. Perhaps you have attempted it over various print and social media platforms, too. Have you ever thought of synchronizing the term with magnet advertising? This blog educates about employing 8×7.5 […]

Engaging 8X7 Magnets for Creating a Killer Tribe is Perfect Thing to Do

8x7 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

After reading this blog title “Engaging 8 x7 Magnets for Creating a Killer Tribe is Perfect Thing to Do” you may ask who is a killer tribe and do they really kill? The answer is killer tribe is a term used to refer your fans, supporters, friends or followers who may contribute to your brand. […]

Employ 8X6 Magnets to Practice Disruptivation in 2015

8x6 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Disruptivation is a future-friendly term and it is coined from two simpler terms “disruptive innovation.” This means you need to approach marketing with a motivating innovation. Perhaps you have heard about magnet advertising and you have heard that it offers large space for experimentation and exploitation. Over the years, various sizes of personalized magnets have […]

Tips to Use 8X5.5 Magnets for Cronut Marketing

8x5.5 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Cronut marketing is a term for marketing strategy created by fusing various marketing strategies. For all those who don’t know about cronut – it is a hybrid of croissant and doughnut filled with pastry cream. It amazes with its crunchy exterior and creamy interiors. Here is how you can use cronut marketing over 8 x5.5 […]

8X5 Magnets – 5 Ways You Should Employ Them for Passion Projects

8x5 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

What is a passion project? It is a term depicting your efforts to take your extracurricular activities to the next level. It may involve some craft making, cooking, magic, music or drone making. These extracurricular activities may or may not become an additional income source, but they are good enough to spread awareness that you […]

Using 8X4 Magnets for Customer Centric Marketing

8x4 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Traditional marketing is in the ICU and requires life support. The rules of marketing have changed. Gone are the days, when people used to buy something, simply by hearing or seeing the advertisement. Today, consumers are empowered to make their own decisions, share their opinions, and save each other from falling into traps of marketing. […]

8X3 Magnets Make an Intelligent Choice for Loyalty Marketing

8x3 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

After reading the blog title, you may ask why only 8×3 magnets should be used for loyalty programs. The answer is they are just one brilliant example of magnet advertising, you can try it over other large and small personalized magnets, too. At times, it becomes necessary to analyze your main marketing strategy. For example […]

8X2 Magnets Make Great Choice for Experiential Marketing, Did You Ever Knew It?

8x2 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing, which engages customers and invites them to participate in brand evolution. Nowadays, many businesses are adopting such marketing strategies for building impact around their brand. Although 8×2 magnets or magnet advertising in total may not give any real value for experiential marketing, but they can be synchronized with […]