8X2 Magnets Make Great Choice for Experiential Marketing, Did You Ever Knew It?

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing, which engages customers and invites them to participate in brand evolution. Nowadays, many businesses are adopting such marketing strategies for building impact around their brand. Although 8×2 magnets or magnet advertising in total may not give any real value for experiential marketing, but they can be synchronized with many other channels to generate real life experiences.

8x2 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Invite Them to Join You
Employ 8×2 magnets for inviting them to join you for enriched experiences. You can perhaps target your current or regular customers for the purpose by sending messages such as “Join Us @Our New Store @Dumblebie Circle and Feel the Bond – James Bond”. You can trigger their enthusiasm and make them to join you with full vigor. For Example – In July 2014, Adidas invited audience to try their new collection of Derrick Rose’s signature collection in London. Adidas gave a new twist to their original plan of organizing an interaction program Derrick Rose (a Chicago Bulls point guard) by adding activation. They positioned free pair of sneakers over the 10 feet wall (size of basketball regulation hoop) and asked people to jump and grab them. By jumping and attempting their chance to win a free pair of $100 sneakers, people were not only receiving a freebie, but living the life of a basketball player for a few moments.

Hide Surprises in Messages
Use 8×2 personalized magnets for hiding surprises. You can ask people to find a gift from a clutter of words (don’t make it sound like a regular crossword) or you can give them some clues and guess the other part. This type of surprise marketing will raise their enthusiasm. A little bit brain taxing is always welcome and people would engage in it at their own will.

Invite Them to Share Experiences
Let us share an example of how to do it. Recently a soda company invited customers to share their images. Good images were printed in small batches of soda bottles and best ones featured over the entire batch of bottles. This experience helped people to inch closer to the brand. You can create a call for “share experiences” by printing over these 8×2 magnets. Make people believe that you specially care for them and wish them to communicate and respond to you regularly.

Inspire Them to Become A Brand Advocate for the Lifetime
Perhaps everyone else is attempting it, what is so special about it? The answer is you have to sound real, real, and more real than your other competitors. For example – Coco Cola distributed free tickets for the Bond movie Skyfall in a very innovative way. It targeted coke drinkers attempting to purchase their drinks through vending machines at a tube station. Customers were asked to reach another part of the tube station within 70 seconds to grab their free tickets. They had to overcome pre-planned obstacles to grab their free tickets. The bottom-line was not only distributing free tickets for the movie, but to make them experience the real Bond-like experience! You can coordinate magnet advertising over 2×8 magnets with any of your traditional marketing campaigns to create never-to-forget experiences for customers.

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