8X3 Magnets Make an Intelligent Choice for Loyalty Marketing

After reading the blog title, you may ask why only 8×3 magnets should be used for loyalty programs. The answer is they are just one brilliant example of magnet advertising, you can try it over other large and small personalized magnets, too.

8x3 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

At times, it becomes necessary to analyze your main marketing strategy. For example – rather than selling vitamin tablets, pizzas and life insurance policies, you might be really selling a route to longevity, great taste, and peace of mind. You should identify the crux of business and start marketing it with total passion. Smart marketing combined with loyalty programs will bring you immense success in the short time. Over the years, businesses have been fiddling with the idea of loyalty programs. Here are certain tricks for building impressive loyalty programs over 8×3 magnets.

Mail Stamp Cards or Punch Cards to Homes of Your Regular Customers
You can send full color customized 3×8 magnets to the homes of your regular customers printed with information such as “Buy 2 Pantone Shirts and Pick the Third One Free” or “Win a Real Surprise on Purchases Above $500”. Promotional messages as the ones above are good enough to keep customers coming to you back and again.

Share Common Helpful Tips to Buy Affection
A doctor may prescribe you a highly concentrated bitter cough syrup to help you in easing cold and you may not like it. However, you may instantly love the idea of honey and ginger syrup, which offers you great relief (in terms of taste and cold) in a slow and steady way. What is the difference? Although the earlier method offers big relief from the cold, still it becomes difficult for a doctor to cajole his patient to gulp it. The latter technique exactly offers customer (read patient) what he wants in a subtle way. In addition, compared to one week of cough syrup consumption, the patient is ready to stick with 2-3 weeks of consumption. You can use this honey-ginger effect for presenting your business information in a sweet and friendly way. Build loyalty program such that it indulges customers for a long time rather than forcing syrup over their neck.

You can perhaps spice up promotional messages such as special offers, upcoming events or other sales program with some emotional helpful tips or any other information of choice.

3x8 Square Corners Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnet

Provide Special Coupons and Discounts
You can provide special coupons and discounts over personalized 8×3 magnets. Most of your customers would love to retain such promotional messages before their eyes and discuss it with others. Just imagine who can miss a promotional message “upgrade your current XYZ membership to a premium deluxe membership for the same price”.

Offer Freebies and Other Special Benefits
Today, even customers understand that loyalty programs can help businesses to gain higher profits. This is why they are getting particular about selecting the programs, which offers them big returns for the investment. You can invite loyal customers to try free products, discounts and more over these 8×3 magnets. This type of strategy will encourage customers to remain loyal to the brand and add to its business value.

On visiting any reputed online eCommerce store stocking personalized magnets, you can avail these 8×3 magnets in 20 MIL, 25 MIL, and 30 MIL (UV Safe). Also, you can save on online design proof, shipping, art setup and full color printing because they are offered FREE.