Using 8X4 Magnets for Customer Centric Marketing

Traditional marketing is in the ICU and requires life support. The rules of marketing have changed. Gone are the days, when people used to buy something, simply by hearing or seeing the advertisement. Today, consumers are empowered to make their own decisions, share their opinions, and save each other from falling into traps of marketing. There is a serious requirement for brands to address a major asset: current customers. They should adopt customer centering marketing strategies to survive in a marketplace crowded with many small and big businesses. This blog discusses about employing 8 x4 magnets for customer centric marketing. Here is how it can be done appropriately with a persuasion.

8x4 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Target Only and Only Current Customers
Perhaps you may not find any other marketing asset as lucrative as a loyal current customer. Take care of the one you already have in the kitty, rather than focusing on thousands other lurking around bushes! You can always approach your regular customers by sending them promotional magnets 8 x4 printed with special business information, change of address, information about new products or services, holiday sales, etc. It will help you to get closer to your customer and make them speak for your brand.

Example – Well Fargo stated that buying a new customer is 10 times more expensive than retaining the existing one. You would be surprised to know that Wells Fargo generates nearly eighty percent of their revenue by selling to existing customers.

Go Extra Mile to Address Your Customer
Nowadays, most businesses are taking the time to address their customer because they know that their whole business relies on them. However, there are very few who go the extra mile to address their customers. A recent survey by American Express confirmed that 93% of businesses fail to go extra mile to address their customer that is why rank low below their expectation. You can employ 8×4 magnets for plussing a customer experience (a term by Walt Disney to improve customer experience). Perhaps you are thinking about sending a discount coupon to your customer, do you think that is enough?! Not really because a customer is already expecting it. Additionally, you can spice it with an unexpected surprise element for heightening their excitement. This will really make a customer to take note of your efforts to address them.

Example – Walt Disney was one sharp marketer who always maintained the policy of giving back to the customer more than they expect. In the beginning years of Disney Land, he decided to organize an extravagant parade for visitors at the rate of $350,000. When his accountants and staff complained that this big amount would be a burden and no visitor is actually expecting a colorful parade. Walt Disney quipped that he thought of organizing a parade because no one was expecting it. People would continue to come as long as you keep on surprising them and if they stop coming, it’ll cost 10 times more efforts to bring them back.

Think about Customer Convenience
By gifting or mailing a customized 8×4 magnet printed with your contact information, you are actually giving the customer a convenience of finding information in easy-to-find places.

Offer Value Than Pricing
Make a customer believe that you offer great savings on a value than product pricing. You can advertise something as “Enjoy free branding by doing business with us” it is perhaps an appropriate way to say enjoy free online design proof, free shipping, free art setup, and other freebies.

You can test many other customer centric marketing approaches by working over 4×8 magnets.