8X5 Magnets – 5 Ways You Should Employ Them for Passion Projects

What is a passion project? It is a term depicting your efforts to take your extracurricular activities to the next level. It may involve some craft making, cooking, magic, music or drone making. These extracurricular activities may or may not become an additional income source, but they are good enough to spread awareness that you are good at something apart from your regular 9 -5 job, house, kids and other social activities. You can use 8 x5 magnets for spreading word about your passion projects. Here is how you can do it effortlessly.

8x5 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Invite Them to See You
Perhaps you don’t want to do it full time isn’t it? Therefore, you can always send out invites for a short workshop about chocolate making or your favorite craft making hobby by printing over 8 x5 magnets. People would definitely love the surprise that it delivers because they never knew that you excelled in something else apart from regular duties of a family person, social animal, and technology parasite!

Send a Request for Opinion
You might have interest to convert your hobby into the full time profession, sometime down the pipeline, but you don’t know how to make an eclectic start. You can hand out small tote bag inserts with a couple of products and large customized magnets 8×5 urging people to reach out to you. Because like everyone else, you know, valuable opinions matter in the long- run!

5x8 Real Estate Magnets

Bring out that Monet in You
You cannot go door by door screeching that there is a hidden Monet in you. Perhaps you can approach them all by sending promotional magnets 8 x5 printed with your artwork. This will stir interest in your art and people will definitely queue up with inquires. Almost perfect for building impressions with minimum efforts!

Write About the Social Cause You are Committed or the Book You Read or The Clothes You Wear
It is not necessary that the passion is always productive in terms of monetary benefits. Perhaps you always use large 5×8 magnets for informing people about the social cause you support, the book you read, the food you eat or the brand of clothes you wear. You never know when someone else would be inspired to follow your passion! No one can miss the sight of such big personalized magnet peering at them from over refrigerator doors, work cabinets and car doors.

Paint Your Emotions
This heading may sound similar to the one above. In fact, it is similar in terms of the impact that it can create. You can use 8×5 magnets for painting flurry of emotions or highlighting any personal experience of life, which can be an inspiration for many others. For example – You can find several self-styled blogs on the internet from nerds or simpletons on topics such as “Five Regrets of Dying” “Making Pizza at Home in 10 Minutes” etc. Perhaps you may not be able to write such large articles, but you can definitely try snackable bite content.

If you are stuck with ideas about passion projects, feel free to read this blog once again. We are sure that by now you might have realized the passion project is not a term limited by ifs, whys, buts, who’s and how’s, instead it is a term with vast potential.