Tips to Use 8X5.5 Magnets for Cronut Marketing

Cronut marketing is a term for marketing strategy created by fusing various marketing strategies. For all those who don’t know about cronut – it is a hybrid of croissant and doughnut filled with pastry cream. It amazes with its crunchy exterior and creamy interiors.

Here is how you can use cronut marketing over 8 x5.5 magnets for driving your business.

8x5.5 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Generate Scarcity
Do you know what worked for cronut creator Dominique Ansel? He popularized scarcity! Ansel and his team limited their production to 200 cronuts a day and said that each person could taste tw0. In this way, people are stamping over each other to grab their share. Cronut is a trademark name, so impersonators are selling their versions under different names such as croissant doughnut, crobar, etc.).

However, you can enjoy only the real one at Ansel’s food truck.

You can engage 5.5 x8 magnets for triggering that feeling of scarcity. You can tell people that they should rush to your store or eCommerce store for making purchases and availing great discounts, before it is too late. If you stay true to your commitment, the word would spread fast and easily, perhaps you can enjoy a good marketing season.

Sound Unique, Yet Familiar
For those who have grown up munching croissants and doughnuts, you know the basic difference. However, cronut is a different item, which fuses characters of the both items, but it tastes unique, yet very familiar. You can package your products and services in a new container, still feel unique and familiar at the same time. Use 8×5.5 magnets for making unique announcements without losing on familiarity.

Real Examples Can Demonstrate Your Value to Customers
Now you may ask how magnet advertising allows to demonstrate real life examples? Who told only you can share real life examples by Tweeting, Facebooking or Sharing on Google Plus?! You can try out something such as “10,000 customers in 6 months and waiting for more” perhaps you can redirect your customers to your website or office by offering contact details at the end of the promotional magnet.

Tickle Customers Where They Feel More Emotional
If you are targeting a particular customer segment, you should try to understand that their emotional pulse. Try to tickle them where they feel lighter and relaxed. You can perhaps tickle customers saying that this purchase will bring them benefits in the form of some freebies (perhaps you know it better where people are spending more).

Word of Caution – Don’t try to create artificial scarcity, fake familiarity or forge real life examples for products or services, which are non-performing. They will only add to your agonies.

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