Turn Your Outdoor Publicity Full Circle With Circle Car Magnets

Great for home based or commercial businesses, these full color circle shaped magnets make eye catchy sign boards that will never get overlooked. Get your logo and contact details imprinted on these magnets to impress your audience and get them talk about your brand. Magnetic car signs are a way to advertise whether you are on the move or parked.

Are you a business owner who spends much of your time in your business vehicles? If you are always driving around you might want to consider circle magnets. Great for all types of businesses, circle magnets are offered in various handy sizes. These will expand business awareness, increase business ROI, and give a long-term business outlook.

 Car magnets double up as product branding tools as well as decorative items. Car magnets are everywhere; you can stick it on bikes, cars, boats or trucks, wherever you find a ferrous surface. Your recipients will love the idea of having a fun pop of color on their vehicles while you have an overwhelming billboard on the go!  The best part- you don’t have to put in any concerted effort. All you need to do is drive around the city attending your sales/service calls while your brand promotion happens automatically.

2.37x2.12 Customized Small Heart Shape Magnets

Display your business information on your vehicle wherever you go!  These full color and factory direct magnets are made in USA. Customize these with your brand and message to keep your brand fresh in the mind of your consumers and potential consumers.

Car magnets spread the word really fast. This is what makes these excellent fund raising items. People often love to talk about these attractive magnets. So, word of mouth publicity is the big bonus that you get every time you use car magnets as your promotional items.

5.75 Inch Ball Shaped Outdoor Magnets

Outdoor magnets are designed to withstand the weather elements. These will effectively promote your business among people on the road and anyone who sees your vehicle on the parking lot or infront of your stores. Use dark and vibrant colors to highlight your message; an interesting artwork will pique easy interest while a short puzzle or a funny tagline is the best way to turn heads!  The font size should be large enough to make it possible for the audience to read your promotional message even while they drive past you. Remember they may get only a few seconds to make out what it is! So, keep it simple and attractive.

Circle car magnets when customized smartly will easily be the face of your business for your prospects reading it! Go for it!