Car Magnets Make Effective Fundraising Items – Must Read

Car magnets work well for fund raising events. Budget friendly and popular, these magnets can be employed to raise funds for your school, non profits , communities and more. If you wish to take your fundraising to the next level, look no further than custom car magnets. Portable , attention grabbing and compact, car magnets will make your message seen from a long distance. Most people will only get a passing glimpse of the magnets from a moving car, however you can draw attention to your brand and message by making your imprint adequately large.

12x12 Custom Printed Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Let’s be frank about it! Fundraising is a thankless task and asking people for donations to support a cause can be uncomfortable at times. Custom car magnets will make a smart solution for this situation. These weather-proof fundraising car magnets can be customized for schools, sports leagues, churches, non profit organizations and nature clubs among others.

Magnets have a very low sticker price, which makes it possible to sell it for a higher price to raise funds for your cause. The donors will be happy to get these magnets as a token of appreciation or a thank you gift and will love to display these magnets on their vehicles to show their support for the cause. For instance, if you are raising money for your school, most parents will only be proud to buy a car magnet from their children’s school and to sport the school magnet on the rear of their car is something that gives them a lot of joy.

Car magnets enjoy a high visibility as the cars sporting your custom magnets drive around the city, making your logo highly popular. Choose attractive full color car magnets that complement your cause or events and get it imprinted with your brand and message. The UV resistant imprints will stand the test of time and will continue to highlight your brand and message for a very long time.

Tips to remember

#1: Bigger magnets are not a smart choice: While planning fund raising events make sure not to choose very big magnets as these tend to be more expensive, which makes it a poor fundraiser choice. Secondly bigger magnets will fit on the rear of only very few models of cars as these will stick only to the metal parts and not the plastic surface. By choosing medium sized or smaller magnets you are rest assured that these magnets are of perfect size for all popular car sizes. Make sure that your custom magnets get the maximum exposure and portability by making it fit on most cars.

#2: An attractive design gets the maximum attention: An attractively designed magnet will not just grab easy attention but will make a source of pride for your students, parents and faculty. Imprint a catchy tagline, artwork or brand on these to make these logo magnets impressive. If you do not have an artwork in hand, our creative designers can chip in to make your ideas into spectacular designs.

#3: Weather resistant features: The car magnets that you are planning to use as fund raising items should be UV resistant so that they retain its color clarity for a long time even in the outdoor weather conditions. Make sure that your brand logo and team pride are placed on top quality made in USA magnets from custom magnets direct to ensure the best results. They will look simply great for a long time and your message will continue to inspire and influence everyone who sees it.

Are you planning to use car magnets as fund raising items? Share your ideas for others at the comments section