Promotional Car Magnets As Fund Raising Items

Car magnets will make excellent choices as fund raising items for non profits as these will easily make people aware of your campaign. These are budget friendly and popular options to get your message out into various parts of the city. Imprinted magnets will help you to drive up excitement and build a buzz for your brand and promotional campaign. These are great options to promote concerts, art festivals or sports events among others.5x5 Custom Printed Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Imprint your message, artwork or mascot on these outdoor safe magnets that are available in various shapes and sizes. Everytime your recipients drive around their cars sporting these attractively customized magnets, these will transform into moving billboards that will make your brand the talk of the town and ensure better output from your business campaign.

Low in cost yet high in popularity, these outdoor magnets can be sold off at a higher rate to raise funds for your events and campaigns.

Here are a few tips for designing a car magnet for your fundraiser program

Choose medium sized magnets in attractive colors
Though most people prefer bigger car magnets to get their message out, you may have to look for small sized models when you are planning to use these as fund raising items. Most people prefer cute and compact car magnets, as collectibles and to ensure that your custom magnets get sold off quickly as fund raising items, you have to choose trending designs and attractive shapes. Small magnets are cheap as chips, which mean that you can raise a bigger amount at a very low investment. Customize these magnets in attractive colors and designs to make it irresistible fund raising items that your audience will find irresistible.

Theme based Designs:
Make sure that the design of the magnet complements with the theme of the event for a bigger impact. People will love to own these attractively designed themed magnets as collectibles and as tokens of a social cause or message. Every time they use it over their cars or even on refrigerator doors, they will be reminded of your social commitment.3.25x3.25 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Use magnets that are safe for the car surface
Make sure that the magnets that you hand out are easy to apply and remove and won’t damage the surface of the cars. Make sure that the magnets that you buy are outdoor safe that can brave the hostile weather conditions.

Benefits of car magnets
Car magnets will turn your car into an imposing portable billboard for your message.

  • Everytime your recipients drive around sporting these colorful magnets, it will grab the attention of not just the fellow motorists on the road but also everyone passing by.
  • The best thing is that even when the cars remain stationary in the parking lot, these magnets will stir up a lot of interest among the people around.
  • Car magnets not just make a cost effective way to advertise the cause but will also deck up the car and add up to its identity. Well, who doesn’t like to turn a few heads on the road?
  • Car magnets make versatile logo items that can be used to spread awareness about anything like childhood cancer awareness, nature conservation, welfare of war veterans and many more.