Custom Car Magnetic Signs – Versatile Marketing Tools  That Never Fail

Car magnetic signs are loud and attention grabbing! The best part – you don’t need to have an impressive company fleet to tap the promotional potential of these logo items. You can use these  colorful, magnets on the vehicles that you and your employees use to get around town, or  on your personal vehicle to turn it into a business vehicle during tradeshows or other business events. These will get your company name noticed among motorists and everyone on the road!

Car Sign Bumper Shape Magnets

Enhance your brand visibility

Magnets make an inexpensive yet effective way to enhance your brand visibility. Temporary and easy to put on or remove, car magnetic signs will help you  redefine your target marketing strategies easily. Add wheels to your road campaign or election campaign with these attractive magnets that will never get overlooked. Customize these with your artwork or taglines to make it unique.

Car magnetic signs are made of strong magnetic stock material that will easily stick to any metal surface including the side of your car, truck or van. Car magnetic signs also enhance the professional image of the company and will give your fleet of sales or service vehicles a unique identity.

You can literally reach out to a big crowd every day when you drive around town- that too without making a hefty investment. Everyone will be able to see and read your sign and will make a mental note of your company. Regular exposure will make your brand familiar for your audience. So, next time when they need to get your products or services, your brand name comes to their mind instinctively.

Rectangle Car Sign Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Tips for Creating the Perfect Custom Magnetic sign

Creating a perfect brand image is easier said than done. Here are a few tips that will help you to boost your brand image and market presence like never before.  Reports show that car magnetic signs on a moving vehicle will get only 4 seconds of time to earn the attention of  other drivers. So, make sure to imprint your brand and message in easy-to- read fonts that can be easily read even from a distance.

A  vividly colored artwork or mascot will pique easy interest and tempt the motorists to sneak a closer peek. Put only the essential information like contact details on it. If people can’t reach your company, your magnetic sign is of little use. The basic idea is to share your contact information with the audience and make it easy for the potential customers to find your company by phone or website address.

Car Sign Rectangle Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Use a magnetic car sign on either side of the vehicle to increase visibility. Make sure to customize car magnetic signs in your brand colors and stick to a uniform design and pattern for a professional look.

Choose high quality custom magnets for the ca as these will go a long way in enhancing your  professional appearance. You can easily share magnets with various vehicles because these are easy to take on and off. Car magnetic signs are a much more affordable alternative to having your vehicle painted or wrapped. In addition, you have the option to remove the signs when they are not in use. We offer a selection of custom car magnetic signs and are able to assist you in the design process.  Shop right away!

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