Custom Car Magnets- 5 Super Customization Tips That Could Make A Difference!

Designing a perfect car magnet may seem a challenging task of hit or miss logic for most marketers. However, here is a sure- fire customization guide on the best ways to design car magnets.

  • Keep It Simple: Keep your marketing message simple and easy to read. Stuffing too much information on custom car magnets will spoil your objective because people may not be able to read or understand the message. Just imprint your company name, phone number, and website in full color on these magnetic signs to make it easy for someone driving by to read the magnet signs.  Once your prospective customers get your name or website they can easily search you online.

  • Full Color imprint: While customizing car magnets, it is important to remember that your potential clients may have only a limited period of time of about 4 seconds to read your message. Full color graphics will attract easy attention and make it easy for the motorists to see your message. An eye catchy image or a funny mascot in bright colors is all it takes to pique the interest of the users. It will convey your message easily without you having to resort to tons of text.

5.75x3.75 Custom Oval Shape Magnets

  • Stick to the Right File Size: The logo and artwork on your business card may not be of appropriate file size or quality when it’s stretched out to fit large car magnets. Make sure to use high resolution images to prevent the image from getting distorted. The best way to see whether the image will look good on the car magnets will be to zoom in the image by 200-800% and if it still looks good, you can use it confidently for your magnetic sign as well.

3.75 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets

  • Measure the size precisely! Car magnets are offered in standard sizes for cars. But make sure that the magnet you have matches the size of the metallic area of your car doors. Your car door may be large  but if there is a an auto molding in the middle of the door, you may not be able to use the entire space.  Likewise car magnets cannot be used on fiberglass car doors as well.

Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners Square Corners

  • Choose your options wisely: You have countless options in car magnets. Shaped magnets may be a great choice for restaurants and food brands as it will grab easy attention of everyone on road. Reusable and re-positionable, these full color magnets make great promotional tools on the move. The perfect product is waiting for you. With a little information, you are sure to find it!

Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners Square Corners

Now that you have some great tips to customize magnets, it is time for you to shop for the best and the most popular car magnets.