Custom Car Magnets– Plan a Branding Campaign On The Move!

Custom car magnets will let you take the branding ideas wherever you go and increase brand visibility beyond the storefront. Mobile marketing is the in thing in business promotions and marketers have some solid reasons to vouch for it.

24x12 Custom Printed Car Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

At a time when media and people goes mobile, marketing items like custom car magnets are evolving as a creative and budget friendly option in outdoor advertising markets. These custom magnets are easy to personalize and stick to the vehicles and the best part is that the vehicle owners can take off and apply these to any or all the vehicles in their fleet easily. These are great to promote landscaping services, maintenance services and more.

Reports of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America suggest that mobile advertising has a penetration rate of 80-85% in the top 100 markets. A separate study conducted by the American Trucking Association says that 96% drivers said they notice ads on vehicles while 75% of respondents develop their brand opinions from fleet graphics .

Custom magnets will put your brand in front of countless motorists and travelers stuck in heavy traffic, hereby enhancing your brand visibility. An attractively customized promotional magnet is easy to adhere to the vehicles and will generate more exposure for your brand when your vehicle is moving or parked!

Custom magnets will pack a wow factor to your promotion and will make a delightful car décor item that not many people can resist. Imprint one-liners, funny quotes and concise marketing information on these custom magnets to turn these fun items into real traffic stoppers. Be it as tradeshow handouts, store promotional items or mailer items, these custom magnets are easy to order and make party of your marketing mix. Add to it the big plus that custom magnets have one of the lowest cost per impressions as you can earn priceless impressions for a very long time at a very low cost.

Leave a magnetized statement during special events like milestone celebrations, product launches and tradeshow events with these custom car magnets. If your sales or service staff is using a fleet of different vehicles at varying times, these custom car magnets will work perfect for your business.

Need more design ideas to take your brand on to the road, call our product experts and we can help you find the best options. Why wait for your customers to come to your road side billboard to see your message when you can take your brand right into them with these portable car magnets. Grow your customer base and earn more brand exposure around the town with these custom car magnets. Choose from a range of themes and models including paw shaped, motorcycle shaped and pizza shaped among many others. Choices are all yours when you are at custom magnets direct. Please let us know your needs and we can walk you through the ordering process.