Wedding Color Trends for the year 2016

The changing seasons like spring, summer, fall and winter have set off irresistible wedding color trends this year too. Let us have a closer look at the raging wedding color trends of 2016 that not many people can get enough of!


Set up A shadow play of colors

Choose one or two of the primary colors that you truly love and complement it with a couple of accent colors to make a magical display of hues and shades. Full color imprints will enhance the magical appeal of these magnets.

Silver tones

Add a bit of shine and life to your wedding day with these silver-toned save the date magnets that will embody the beauty of the sparkling winter season. Easy on the eyes and infusing a bit of glitter to the mood, these tones will set a perfect way to celebrate the special day. 3×4 Custom Save The Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil will make a perfect choice to consider. Dude it with sparkly shoes and earrings to complete the theme.3x4 Custom Save The Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil


Pretty and chic, peach color will surely add up to the vibe of your wedding day. These classic favorites of beiges and peach are here to stay in wedding colors. Easy on the eyes, these colors will accentuate the wedding day charm. Choose wedding save the date magnets that will go well with the floral theme and décor ideas for the day.

2x3.5 Customized Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Ocean green

Refreshing and special, soft green will impart a special charm to any vintage wedding theme and ensure flair and flamboyance to wedding events. These make great options for destination weddings by the ocean side or beach. Your quotes and snapshots will look great against the scintillating background and we bet, these brilliant masterpieces will continue to grace the refrigerator doors of your guests as decorative pieces and wedding souvenirs for a very long time. A soft shade of sage green will remind of the mountain peaks, forests, lakes and the fresh natural backdrop. Green has a whimsical charm about it and will make a perfect way to tell your romantic story.


Rich red roses, cranberries in your bouquets and luscious red fruit baskets as center pieces- Red in any form brings in a feisty charm and a winter look to your wedding decor. Plus, these will look dramatically beautiful in photos! So, if red is your color, go all out to paint the town red with these bold strokes. We have some really brilliant save the date wedding magnets that will complement the theme and steal your hearts right away.

Say it with blue

Blue has a special charm about it. Soothing and pleasant, tinge of blue can impart an ethereal feel to every wedding theme. Beautiful and subtle, blue colored and beach themed save the date magnets are great for all beach weddings and outdoor events. Be it the cool winter sky or the azure waters of the tropical beaches, blue color is an all time favorite of couples. Check out our save the date magnets in blue colors or beach themes.


Though yellow is not a traditional wedding color, it will surely add warmth and brilliance to any winter wedding event. The cheerful and exquisite shade of golden yellow can be matched with green or earthy brown to add a vintage charm to the palette.


Pink roses, pink tiara, the pink blush on the bridal cheeks and even the bridal gown in soft pink shade will all transform any wedding day into something spectacular and dramatic. Enhance the pink charm of the wedding day with these save the date round corner custom magnets in pink colors.

Remember to throw in a bit of these popular colors to your wedding day. Be it the cake, the floral centerpiece or the dress of the flower girls – make these trending wedding colors part of your wedding day. A dash of colors or a riot of colors –no matter how you wish to go about it, you will surely love the fun and the beauty that these colors will bring to your wedding day.