Custom Car Magnets –Plan A Targeted Promotion With Pinpoint Accuracy

Why waste your promotional dollars by trying to reach out to the masses when you can have a blanket reach of your target audience?  Wonder how? Getting connected with your potential customers in their environments is a winning marketing strategy. Car magnets excel at it because these can be put on vehicles that ply where your audience frequents. It will give you the dual advantage of marketing your products to both the masses and ultra-niche locations.

3.5x2.5 Custom House Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Let’s be honest! Getting your message to the audience that matters to your business is the winning card in any promotions. However, marketers may not have much control in streamlining their message to only the key audience. This is what makes custom car magnets a great choice. Marketers can mail it or hand it personally to their target audience. Every time your sales and service vehicles sporting these promotional magnets are driven around, your customers will easily take note of you. It is a smart move to grab the attention of your prospects as well.

Choose the best distribution methods

You can place car magnets at the billing counters for mass marketing. It will make a perfect strategy if your product line enjoys mass appeal. However if you are aiming to catch the attention of potential customers in the crowd, opt for a mailer campaign as you can send these light weight and compact magnets to everyone in your mailing list to make sure that your customers will actually see what’s new in your product line.

You can place these promotional magnets in highly targeted locations where you know your audience will be.  For instance, if you are promoting a sports brand, you can hand out custom magnets at sports bars, game stands and local sporting events to reach out to your key audience. Need to promote a local club? Consider handing out custom car magnets on Saturday nights in busy entertainment districts. Pick up unique places for distribution to make sure that you have a mass swathe of key customers in front of you.

Choose the right timing

If you are gardening and landscaping services, it is better to opt for a high pitch promotion during spring and summer season. It will motivate your customers to seek your services. The right timing will influence their decisions when it’s time to buy.

Pack a punch to your outdoor marketing with car magnets. Do it on a budget and maximize your ROI with premium quality car magnets that are made in USA and designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Did you find this post informative? Be the first to share it over your favorite platforms.