Custom Car Magnets – Redefining Your Fleet Branding

Planning a road show may involve a lot of planning and coordination. However, by using custom car magnets you can still get the effect of a road show by spreading the word and reaching out to a new audience. Car magnets will add a pop of color to your vehicles and make them standout even on crowded roads. Turn your plain vehicles into a real beauty by sticking these impressive car magnetic signs and you will love the attention that your brand will get

Car magnets will give a fresh look to your business vehicles when you are on a sales call; all the while ensuring the flexibility to take these off even you need to use the vehicle for personal use. Easy to apply and take off, car magnets will make a branding strategy that won’t damage the vehicle surface.

10x10 Car Sign Circle Magnets


Car magnets are weather resistant and fade resistant, which makes them long lasting. Designed to withstand weather elements and look impressive for a long time, car magnets will make a walking talking billboard for your brand.

Reusable: Made to last, these logo magnets can be reused many times and require no maintenance.

Attention grabbing: These moving billboards will connect your business with hundreds of new customers.

Budget friendly: Car magnets are one of the most cost-effective tools in advertising to stand out in the competition.

Mobility: Redefine mobile advertising with these full-color magnets that will leave your audience surprised.

Customize magnets with eye-catching designs and colors to earn easy attention of your audience and let everybody on the street get to know about your services.

Turn your regular business trips into productive brand building trips with these impressive full-color magnets that are born crowd-pleasers. Capture attention both while driving on the road or waiting in the traffic lights. Car magnets are simple yet effective marketing strategies that will bring you success.

Fleet Branding

Get the most of your fleet branding by using different types of car magnets that will scream your message and popularize your brand. The best part is that these magnets can be customized with your brand and message the way you want. So, are you ready to start building your brand with car magnets and get the advantage of targeted promotion? Create new marketing opportunities every time your company makes business trips instead of wasting them! Grab the attention of your audience and build your brand awareness and you don’t need to do anything extra other than getting along with your normal business trips!


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