Custom Car Magnets- Get Your Message Out To A Bigger Audience

Life never stands still; we are always on the move and that makes our life interesting and growing. The same holds true for business promotions as well. When most people spend their time behind the wheels, why not use the opportunity to build up a buzz and get across the message to your prospects using custom car magnets.

In America where around 811 people in every 1000 own a car, can there be a better way for businesses to get their message across than custom car magnets?  Businesses can stick custom car magnets on their sales or service cars and vehicles and every time they drive around or stay parked at any public place, your brand will get the attention of your target audience. Car magnets make an interesting solution to put your brand on a high-speed trail.

  • People see around 5,000 advertisements or more each day of which only 3% is noticed and liked.
  • A staggering 89% of advertisements go unnoticed. 36% of users ignore TV ads, radio ads and newspaper ads 
  • 82% of Americans ignore ads online- millions of Americans use adblocker devices. This is what makes car magnets a cut above the rest.

Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets

Businesses have realized the potency of mobile advertising and custom car magnets in making brand impressions at an amazingly low cost and little effort. Offered in a wide range of shapes, colors and models, custom car magnets can be imprinted with your brand or artwork in full color to grab the attention of people around.

Full-color car magnets seldom get intentionally overlooked because of its interesting patterns, designs and vibrant colors. The high visibility of these magnets ensures guaranteed attention and make these always get noticed and liked. A study by the American Trucking Association (ATA) showed that 96% of respondents noticed truck side ads. So, now you know why it is a smart idea to put your promotional dime on outdoor car magnets to ensure consistent brand impressions.

Car magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Buy it, stick it and forget about it! Marketers will indeed benefit from fresh brand impressions for a very long time. Apart from planning a high precision targeted promotion, marketers can also use car magnets to reach out to a new audience group as well. Just choose the route accordingly and car magnets will do the rest.

 Designed to withstand the outdoor weather elements car magnets will retain its brilliance and beauty for a long time. Being repositionable, these logo magnets can be easily used on different vehicles in your fleet at different times to ensure a fresh look every time.

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