Custom Car Magnets- The Effective Way To Enhance Your Customer Base

If you’re a small business owner a realtor or just about anything else, custom car magnets will be of interest to you. These make smart handouts to enhance your brand reach and make fresh leads. The best part- you do nothing except drive around the city attending your routine sales/ service calls! Well, does that sound too good to be true?

Just in case you are new to custom car magnets, here are the basics. Car magnets are durable and designed to bear the outdoor elements with ease. They stick firmly on to the metal surfaces of your cars or trucks and can be repositioned easily whenever you need without damaging the surface. Offered in several different sizes and shapes, you can choose a model that fits your promotional theme.

24x12 Custom Printed Car Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

A Moving Billboard

Conventional billboards are static and work purely on chance; if your target audience happens to see them you get a lead, otherwise your investment is lost.  Car magnets literally take your promotional message to people whom you think will be genuinely interested in your products. Plan a targeted promotion with clock-work precision with car magnets. Vehicle advertisements are like billboards on wheels; they grab the attention of people always; be it at the traffic lights, parking lots or fast moving traffic, these full color magnets will never fail to pique interest of people who see these. The best part- you can place these magnets in multiple locations- on the sides, in the back, or in all three positions.

Easy On, Easy Off

The biggest advantage of custom car magnets is that they’re not permanent like car wraps or stencils; you can put them on and take them off as often as you’d like. These won’t leave any residue behind nor damage the car. Car magnets add a fun pop of color and fun as well; Sometimes it is nice to get on to the road with an attractive sign on your car- It will grab easy attention and make a great way for you to get your message across. It’s not always about business; you can spread awareness, announce product launches, congratulate the home team victory or in fact convey any message that you wish.

Get the best value for your money

Car magnets will turn any vehicle into a business vehicle. You can save money by sharing magnets among several vehicles that ply in different routes to get maximum exposure. You can even turn your personal vehicle into business vehicle with these custom magnets; simply take off these promotional magnets after office hours and you have your personal vehicle in hand!

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