Customization Tips For Car Magnets – Must Read

Car magnets hold a lot of potential in making your brand popular and making new leads. Offered in countless models and price rates, custom car magnets will put your brand on the move and make your promotional dollars work more for you.

However, to get the most of car magnets, make sure you get the basics of customization right. Here is a quick guide on customization of magnets.

Ball Shaped Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Your message/logo should speak about your business

Though it might sound obvious, often marketers miss this point while coming up with their logo. Think from your customers shoe as what do they want to think about your business when they see your artwork or logo. This will go a long way in coming up with a winning design that complements your brand.

Be original

You can draw inspiration from other designs and do a lot of research on some of the best designs. However make sure that your brand is unique so that your audience never mistakes it for another brand that may looks like yours!

Star Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Do more with less

Make  your promotional text simple yet imposing. Fewer elements and colors will all make it easy for the audience to appreciate and understand your logo and the meaning that it implies.  Often less is more when you customize promotional items like magnets with  a less imprint space.

Ensure a  harmony in your design

The text and the logo must all go together and none of the elements should look out of place! Your logo should speak about your business niche and should convey your business story with ease.  Logo is not just the brand but an extension of your corporate image that people find useful to engage with your message.

The elements that you use in a promotional brochure may look like a hot mess when you shrink it down to business card size. So, make sure that your logo will transfer seamlessly in different media including newsprint, online and promotional items like magnets.

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Choose a Design that will stand the test of time

A logo is for a long time. Make sure that it aligns with your brand image and remembered by your audience for some great reasons like a classic font or a great artwork that is hard to ignore. Do not use a new typeface that may become soon outdated. Settle for something classic and never changes.  You can even get your logo reviewed by an expert to see its timeliness.

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Car magnets take  your logo outside your hometown

If you travel for business a lot, your custom car magnets will be seen in different parts of the country. So, make sure your tagline or artwork that you use resonates well even in places that are several hundred kilometers away. Do not use something that is too localized that the people of only your town may understand!

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