Do Refrigerator Magnets Really Work As Promotional Items?

An effective promotional item should ideally market your business, highlights your industry expertise and above all should offer something that your recipients will find useful long after you give it to them.  Refrigerator magnets tick all these boxes with ease!

Adding your brand information and logo on some vibrant, full color magnets make a clever and expensive way to advertise! Recipients will keep these handouts on their refrigerators to make your contact information instantly available to them 24/7.

Promotional magnets get stuck where your clients place it. It will never get discarded or misplaced. The best part- most recipients will not even take off their magnets from their fridge doors till they change their refrigerators may be!

Logo Refrigerator Magnets are incredibly popular

Custom refrigerator magnets can be used to promote all types of events and brands. These won’t look out of place anywhere and will please every genre of your audience. The big plus is that magnets are budget friendly, which makes it a great choice for mass promotional events. Being light weight and compact, these can make great mailer items as well without adding to your postage expenses.

Picture Frame Oval Punch Magnets 25 Mil

With a little creativity, you can make your custom magnets a great crowd favorite. Make use of the generous imprint space for you to place your brand and message and grab easy attention of everyone who happens to see these.

Custom Magnets are budget friendly

Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which makes it a hot choice for budget friendly campaigns and start up organizations. Custom magnets have a long shelf life and will continue to make consistent brand impressions for a long time, which ensure the best value for your money.

Octagon Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

Refrigerator Magnets are versatile

When you have custom magnets you have one product that works in several different promotional contexts! Whether you plan to hand these out as tradeshow swag, fund raising items, team spirit items, store promotional items or mailer items, magnets will get you covered!

You can use custom magnets to talk about any brand, event or occasion with conviction. These full color magnets will stand out easily and will never look out of place no matter how you wish to employ these.  Made of high quality magnetic stock material, magnets are available in dime a dozen models to suit your diverse needs as well.

Everyone loves to get magnets as freebies as these are one of the most popular collectibles for people all over the world including the US. So, if you are looking for a handout that will impress everyone in your customer list and leave a lasting impression without breaking your budget, look no further than custom magnets. These will never fail to work!

Ribbon Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Fridge Magnets Work non stop!

Conventional marketing tools like billboards/ newspaper ads have a very short shelf life as people forget about it the moment these disappear from their eye span. The exorbitant cost involved and the renewal charges involved will make it non viable for small scale marketers. However, magnets will make consistent brand impressions at one time investment!

Van Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

How has been your experience of using custom refrigerator magnets as promotional items? Share your thoughts with us.