Effective Ways To Use  Car Magnets For Advertising

Custom car magnets are the best ways to impart a magnetic personality for your business and put your brand on a wide angle display. Think of car  magnets as rolling billboards where  your business can  present the phone number, website details, call to action message and compelling graphics. A nicely customized  full color car magnet can potentially reach thousands of prospects, especially in high traffic areas. The best part is that whether your car is on the go or parked,  your message will be seen!


Designed for the outdoors and weather resistant, car magnets can be used all round the year  for getting your message across effectively. Round corner magnets can resist winds better and  stick to the car surface effectively. Car magnets will ensure maximum visibility when these are placed on a truck’s tailgate or  car door. Make sure that the message is large enough to be seen from a distance to make it more effective.

Drive the vehicle on the highway during the rush hours in the morning and evening along the slow lane to make it easy for people to catch a glimpse of these magnets. Crowded shopping areas and residential areas will ensure a lot of visibility for your custom magnets.

Benefits of Car Magnets

Car magnets create an Immediate response from your audience by getting your name in front of them. These are budget friendly and are well suited for mass promotions and events like campaigns and awareness events. Durable and long lasting, car magnets are available in various shapes and sizes and are easy to apply and take off.

Car magnets can be used for any business niche with ease. Here are some promotional contexts where custom car magnets can be used effectively.

Football leagues

Football shaped magnets are a great way to support teams, promote leagues and game days among others. It is the best way to spread the word about your organization, celebrate tailgate parties, raise funds or make your team feel special. Use it the way you want and get the optimum results on a budget. Custom car magnets make fabulous choice for parents of players, team members, and to have in your school or university store.

Football Shape Magnets 20 Mil

 Auto Services

Can there be a better way than custom car magnets to get your message in plain view of the car owners  out there. Promote your auto shop and make your audience remember your brand with full color magnets. Plus, there’s a huge selection, from car-shaped magnets to calendar magnets to help your prospects remember when their next tune-up is due. Your custom imprint will be visible on these full color magnets anytime it’s used.

Automobile Car Vehicle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Some states consider a car magnetic sign as commercial usage where you may need to register your vehicle for commercial use. Make a research on the  regulations in force.

Browse our full line of custom car magnets to choose a model that suits your business or promotional theme.

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