Put A New Calendar Plus Your Logo On Every Refrigerator With Custom  Calendar Magnets

Every business may wish to  put their message on a massive billboard in the high traffic areas of their city. But not every marketer may have a big promotional budget for that. So, if you have been looking for a budget friendly way to get your message well noticed, check out these high visibility, full color, customized calendar magnets.  These will make its way to the fridge doors to remain  front and center of your audience in countless homes and offices.


Calendars have a low cost per impression of only 3/10 cent per impression, which makes it affordable for all types of businesses and budget marketers.  Retained for a whole year and even beyond, calendar magnets earn countless impressions  during its lifetime at one time investment!

62% of households have a promotional calendar; so can there be a better way to get your audience think and talk about your business? Refrigerator business card magnets make a clever way to put your contact details in front of your audience without being intrusive. As your prospects see these sleek  and stylish custom magnets may times a day, they will develop an affinity towards your brand. So, next time when they need services or products that you may be offering, they know where to find you.

Kitchen is the nerve center of every home as the family members assemble there to chit chat, cook  and dine together. This is what makes custom refrigerator magnets high visibility handouts with unparalleled fan following.

Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners: Earn more real estate on your customers’ fridge doors will not just make your message stand out but will make it easy for your prospects to find dates. Large enough to feature all the months at a glance and  put your logo at the top, these magnets are also one of our top selling models.

Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

 House-Shaped Calendar Magnet  These are perfect handouts for new home owners to remind them to call you when it’s time for a move. Customize these with your message and artwork to make it a prominent billboard for your business. These full color magnetic calendars also make great conversation topics and will set off word of mouth publicity for your brand.

House Shaped Calendar Magnets 25 Mil

Add-A-Pad 12 Month Tear Off Refrigerator Calendar Magnets: Talk about convenience!  Your recipients can jot down notes on the calendar’s notepad all round the year while checking out the dates and events.

3.5x4 Add-A-Pad 12 Month Tear Off Refrigerator Calendar Magnets

Save The Date Calendar Magnets 20 Mil: Planning any event, products launch or celebration in the  New Year?  Grab these colorful and eye catching save the date  calendar magnets that will  serve both as a reminder of your event and an annual calendar for your recipients. This double utility custom giveaways will ensure double exposure for your brand and double impressions as well!

Save The Date Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

 Looking for more? Browse our complete line of custom calendar magnets to make sure to stay on top of the trends in New Year promotions. Call our team to make sure that you are not missing out anything in custom calendar magnet trends!

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