How To Create Customized Car Magnets That Win

Outdoor season is upon us!  It is time for marketers to infuse fresh ideas into their marketing mix to impress people and make new leads. If you are looking for a sure fire way to arrest the attention of the busy crowd on the move, look no further than custom car magnets. These simply won’t fail to work!

12x18 Custom Health Magnetic Car Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

However, choosing an attractive magnet will only make half your job done; what turns the tides in your favor is how well you pull off a winning design! Here are some tips that will turn an ordinary magnet into a crowd pulling billboard in no time.

  • Adopt a simple design

The two most important elements on a car magnet is your brand and contact details. Be sure to make both these prominent by using large fonts and clear backdrop that will make it easy for people to read from a distance.

  • Keep Minimum Content

Too much information will make the magnets look cluttered and will fail to serve the purpose. Keep the text and graphics to a minimum to get easy attention of the voters and help them grasp your message easily. Convey your message in crisp and short sentences; do not leave the audience bewildered and dazed with too much information.

  • Add Your Slogan to Larger Signs

Choose bigger car sign magnets  if you have slogans and taglines to add. It will make it easy for the marketers to share their promotional message with their prospects and leave a lasting impression.

  • Your Website Details are Important

Can’t fit all of your talking points on your magnet? Add your website url or QR code to the car magnets to direct them to your website for more information. It will help the audience to know more about your business and will engage them for a longer while.

  • Choose the right  Font and Color

Reports show that car magnets have just 4 to 7 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. So, make sure to make your signs readable and impressive to make the most of the face time of your audience. Choose big fonts, leave adequate white space and strike the right contrast to grab easy attention of your audience. It is recommended to choose contrasting colors to make your brand stand out. You can build up a buzz by adding some fun designs, peppy slogans or taglines that make heads turn.

Car magnets are available in a variety of sizes and price points to fit any campaign budget. Choose a model that you think will fit your theme and you are set to roll out a winning campaign this outdoor season.

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