Oval Shaped Car Magnets – The Best Way To Round Off Your Outdoor Promotions

Oval car magnets are unique promotional items that will set you apart from the rest of the players. If you have some unique like oval shaped magnet as your sign, people are more likely to remember your message. So, if you haven’t tried advertising your business with oval car magnets you don’t know what you’re missing.


Ever since “euro decals” became popular in the United States, oval shaped stickers and magnets have become a hot favorite in business promotions. Oval magnets make popular fundraising items for various types of nonprofit organizations. Everyone will love to buy these attractive magnets that have a high keep rate as fund raiser tokens or as expressions of their social commitment

Eye pleasing

Oval Shaped magnets are a visual treat indeed. The smooth design and the generous imprint space will make it a perfect canvas for your creative artwork and slogan. Made in USA and UV safe, these magnets made  from strong magnetic material will retain its color and beauty for a long time to come.

Generous imprint space

Oval shaped magnets offer ample room for your website, phone number and more if you want to put that on your magnet, too. These full color magnets will keep your message on top of the minds of potential customers and make a budget friendly billboard that will never stop working for your brand.

Assured ROI

Custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Offered in just a few cents, these will make consistent impressions for a long time, thereby ensuring the highest return on your investment.

Perfect for all types of events

Car magnets are not just for promoting car dealerships and auto spare part shops but can be used as team spirit items, game day souvenirs, political rally giveaways and more.

Versatile and well accepted, oval magnets can be used in a range of industries. Just get these magnets imprinted with your message and you are all set to have a high visibility promotional item that will take your message right into your audience.

These full-color outdoor oval magnets can be effectively employed for a highly targeted promotions and community level brand building. Offered in a range of popular sizes, oval magnets can be customized with an eye catchy artwork, message or logo so that it emphasizes your industry or niche area in a creative way.

3 x2 oval magnets:  One of the most popular sizes in oval magnets, these make great mailer gifts and tradeshow swag. Choose from various thicknesses from 20 Mil to 35 Mil.

3x2 Custom Oval Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Looking for something bigger for your game day rallies and team spit events? 7×5 Custom Oval Shape Magnets 20 Mil will make a great choice. The unique oval shape will make these magnets stand out from the car surface, much to the delight of your recipients.

7x5 Custom Oval Shape Indoor Magnets 35 Mil

Browse our complete line of custom oval shaped magnets to choose a model that matches your needs