Top Customization Tips For Promotional Car Magnets- Must Read

Have you ever wondered what makes custom magnets popular? Not all of them end up as souvenirs or crowd favorites! So, what is it that makes promotional magnets successful?  Before putting in your promotional dime on custom magnets, spare a thought at some of these sure fire tips that will make your business magnets a true winner.

Car Magnets are cost effective promotional items, which means you can use it in almost all your marketing activities. However, the key  is to make your magnets interesting and special. These tips may help you get started.

Square with Heart Corner Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Keep it simple: Stuffing too much information on magnets could be a deadly marketing sin. It will make your car magnet difficult to read and your prospects are less likely to read it.  So, make sure to keep it simple. Just add your company’s name, phone number and an interesting tagline or artwork to pique interest. Customers will find out more about your company from search engines later on.

Use full color graphics:   On a rough estimate your audience will have about four seconds to see and read your sign on a moving vehicle. So, it is absolutely important to make the signs stand out and get the message across to potential customers more effectively.  For instance, a beautiful full color image of pizza or ice-cream will quickly tell your potential customers you own a bakery. Don’t you think it is way simpler than listing it all out in words?

Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Round Corners

Think Of a Great Design

Make your custom car magnets stand out with a great picture, head shot or logo. Choose magnetic shapes that align with your business line. Realtors are a great example. They use house shaped magnets to stay spotted easily and to earn the attention of people who may be looking for realtor services. Car magnets are free from the nagging marketing pitch though these logo items will convey your message very effectively. It is interesting to note that car magnets make great talking topics as well. People love to get these fun items as freebies and every time someone sees it on their cars or fridge doors, they will be interested to talk about it!

Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners

Ensure maximum visibility

A car magnet, when placed on a truck’s tailgate and car door, can be extremely effective. The more the visibility the longer a person behind you can view it. So, keep bigger fonts to make sure that your message gets the attention of people behind you. Fonts that are too small and crammed may not be a great idea.

Road Sign Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

To get maximum exposure, make sure that you drive the vehicle on the highway during peak hours and do not overlook the crowded residential areas. It will be interesting if you align the colors with your other branding materials. Avoid fancy fonts; choose simple and straight fonts that are legible and easy to read on a moving vehicle.

Car magnets make an affordable marketing tool that is easy to use and practical . Every time you turn on the key and step on the gas, you can be on your way to have more conversions and footfalls. So, are you ready to make custom car magnets your promotional tools? Share your ideas.

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