Vehicle Magnets- Ace Up Your Outdoor Promotion On A Budget

Have you ever wished to have a billboard for your brand that can be removed and put back all by yourselves? May be a cost effective and high visibility advertisement that will last long and involves zero maintenance? You have all these and more in car magnets!

Outdoor vehicle magnets have a few aces up their sleeve that not many promotional items may have! These outdoor magnets are designed to face the weather elements with ease. It can be replaced with another magnet when a new product hits the shelves and enjoys incredible adaptability that makes these magnets a great choice.

Cell Phone Shape Magnets

Car magnets engage your prospects with your message in a fun way without an annoying marketing twist. These full color magnets gather thousands of impressions every day as the vehicles get driven around the city for sales and service calls. In other words, you don’t have to make a concerted effort or repeat investment to get your message around.

Why car magnets

These are Temporary: If you are planning a short term promotional campaign, a special offer or a product launch campaign, you may need only a temporary billboard that can be removed and put back at your will. Forget about the massive billboards that require a lot of people to fix or dismantle.

Budget friendly : Car magnets  fall easy on your wallets, which make them perfect for budget friendly promotions, start-up companies  and more. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. In a few cents you get assured ROI and valuable brand impressions for a long time.

Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil Square Corners

Portable: Car magnets are light weight and compact, which makes these great mailer items, fund raisers or tradeshow swag. So, if you are looking for a promotional item that will go the distance, place your bets on custom magnets.

Electric Guitar Shape Magnets

Versatile: -These can be used to promote any brand, event or message and will make a perfect billboard to talk about your business. Do you seriously think that car magnets can ever get out of trend? We all have been seeing these for a long time now. So, put your dime on these promotional items that will never go out of fashion and will remain incredibly popular among every class of audience.

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