Double Sided Custom Magnets – Double Exposure For The Price Of One

Double exposure at the price of one! Custom double sided magnets stand out for the dual imprint spaces that will get your name out more effectively. Double up your display message on refrigerators, filing cabinets and other metal surfaces and grab more face time of your audience.

Here are some of the double sided magnets that you will find interesting.

Custom Double Sided Phone Shape Magnets 45 Mil: The quirky shape coupled with the double imprint space will make these custom magnets a top favorite among marketers. These can be used as tradeshow handouts or as loyalty gifts and store promotional handouts. Imprint your contact details on one side and the other side can be imprinted with yearly calendar, emergency tips, kitchen conversion units and more to enhance the retention of these magnets. The unusual shape of these magnets will make it a perfect collectible as well.

2.53x2.88 Custom Double Sided Phone Shape Magnets 45 Mil

Double Sided Circle Shape Calendar Magnets 50 Mil: These full color magnets will ensure double promotional effect at the price of one. Employ these for sending out business messages, introducing your brand or for spreading awareness on a cause. No matter how you wish to make use of the double promotional effect of these magnets, the bottomline is that these magnets will never fail to impress the audience.

2x2 Custom Double Sided Circle Shape Calendar Magnets 50 Mil

Double Sided Rectangle Shape Magnets 45 Mil: These promotional magnets are well sought for its generous imprint area that can be utilized to get the brand message out. Imprint your business message on one side while the other face can be imprinted with sports schedules, calendars or local events, which will make it a ready reference tool for your recipients. Every time your recipients check these out to plan their holidays or check reminders they will be reminded of your brand in a subtle manner.

4x5.75 Custom Double Sided Rectangle Shape Magnets 45 Mil

Double Sided Business Card Shape Magnets 45 Mil: You can afford to be wordy while designing your business cards when you have these double sided business card shape magnets with you. Convey every single piece information to your recipients by handing out these logo business card magnets, which will let your recipients have a clear overview of your business .

3.5x2 Custom Double Sided Business Card Shape Magnets 45 Mil

House Shape Double Sided Magnets 45 Mil: Magnets with unusual shapes and colors often attract easy attention of everyone who sees it. Check out these house shaped double sided magnets that will pack a double punch to your promotions. These magnets have ample space to not just position your business messages but also to share interesting house care tips, maintenance service numbers and more, which your recipients will find useful. The delightful shape of these custom magnets coupled with the tons of useful information will make these custom magnets part of their fridge art for sure.

2.75x3.19 Custom House Shape Double Sided Magnets 45 Mil

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