4 Top Advantages Of Using Promotional Car Magnets For Your Business

How often have you laughed out at a joke or a funny artwork that you saw on the car magnets on the vehicle ahead of you? Probably many times – more than what you can recollect!

Car magnets add fun to the long drawn driving hours for everyone who sees these brilliantly colored magnets while your brand gets noticed up-close. As a form of removable signage, car magnets can be easily applied to your car or truck to make an instant billboard that will make heads turn!

mall Helmet Shape Magnets

How car magnets fit into your marketing strategy. Here are a few benefits.

  1. Greater brand awareness.

The influence of outdoor advertising is increasing every year. Businesses are allocating more funds for outdoor promotions because of its visibility and incredible reach. When people are outdoors they will be in a higher alert level and hence they are more likely to remember advertisements on the road and sidewalk than at home or on TV!

Ribbon Shape Magnets

  1. Magnets are the ultimate money savers

Vehicle magnets are cheaper as these do not involve anything other than the initial investment. Magnets never go out of trend, which means you can use it for a long time. These will continue to make consistent impressions ensuring assured ROI. Low cost yet hugely popular, vehicle magnets can help you achieve almost the same advertising effect as the high cost, conventional promotional methods. Just think of a clever design, a call to action message or a brain teaser to draw the attention of the audience.

  1. Easy to apply and remove

Car magnets are easy to stick and take out. Need to stop in for a car wash or for the routine service? You can easily remove the magnets and put it back when the car is back on roads without worrying about the possibility of your graphics getting damaged during the maintenance services.

Easy to maintain, these custom magnets can be cleaned easily with a brush or moist cloth. Flexibility and ease of maintenance will ensure a longer life span for the magnets. When not in use, these can be stored indoors.

You can also move the magnets to different positions over the vehicles to ensure maximum visibility. Measure leads and engagement to find the best placement position on your vehicle.

Custom Clover / Shamrock Shape Magnets


Car magnets are designed to last long. These are fade resistant and will remain stuck to the vehicle body even in high wind conditions.

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