What Is The Difference  between Custom Car Magnets And Magnetic Signs?

Have you been wondering if there can be any difference between car magnets and car magnetic signs? This post has got you covered.

Let’s get started with some similarities of car magnets and car magnetic signs. Both these types of magnets are designed to stay safe on a moving car and withstand outdoor elements. UV safe and with thickness above 30 Mil, car magnets and magnetic signs will make a high visibility branding tool for marketing events, political campaigns and promotional events.

Vehicle magnets often don’t get the credit they deserve as a handy removable signage. Easy to apply and take off from vehicles, these make a temporary advertisement option for marketers unlike the permanent vehicle graphics or paint jobs.

Easily applicable, magnetic signs can be removed when not needed or replaced during peak marketing season, product launch or holiday sales. This seamless adaptability is what makes car magnets crucial in the marketing world.

Differences between Car Magnets And Magnetic Signs

Though both these magnetic models are for vehicles, there are some differences that should be considered while buying these.

  • Models

Car magnets are available in a wide range of sizes and models like business card magnets, shaped magnets , sports schedule magnets  and a lot more. You can also choose from a wide range of interesting shapes. Whether it is ribbon shapes, paw shape, house shape or football shape, you will find it all and more in this category. Thus car magnets will give a long rope for marketers to choose a perfect model that perfectly aligns with their product line. It will add a fun twist to the marketing as well.

Sports Schedule Baseball Shape Magnets 25 Mil

 Car magnetic signs on the other hand are available only in rectangle shapes in various sizes. You still can choose from round corner or square corner models.

  • Sizes

Car magnets are available in a wide range of sizes right from pint sized business card magnets to medium and large sizes to match your promotional needs.

Whereas car magnetic sizes are offered in comparatively large sizes that stand out easily from the vehicle surface

Real Estate Magnetic Car Sign Magnets

  • Visibility

Small sized Car magnets may not be as prominent as a massive car magnetic sign.

If you need a high visibility promo item that can be seen from a distance even from a moving vehicle, car magnetic signs will make a better choice.

Irrespective of these subtle differences, both car magnets and magnetic signs are designed to make highly potent outdoor branding tools. The influence of outdoor advertising will go up in the years ahead if the exponential budget allocated by companies is any indication. Get spotted in front of the outdoorsy crowd and motorists with these full color magnets that will never get overlooked!